The Badgermoles in The Cave of Two Lovers

As many avatar fans might know of, Team avatar had to go through a labyrinth of tunnels in order to reach Omashu in the episode, The Cave of Two Lovers. During the episode, Sokka and the nomads find themselves confronted by a pair of large Badgermoles, both of which reside in the cave. Then there's the legend on Oma and shu, a loved pair whom made the cave in the first place. The theory of this?

Oma and Shu are reincarnated into two badgermoles.

Now before anyone starts saying, consider the following of, what I see, as proof of this theory.


Oma and Shu


Oma and Shu.

To start off, let's look at one part of the legend of how the Cave of Two lovers come to be:

Oma and Shu are two lovers whom are from two villages whom were currently at war. They became the very first earthbenders by watching Badgermoles, and created the labyrinth in order to keep their love a secret, and so they can secretly meet whenever they want to.

Now. Oma and Shu use the Cave of two lovers to make sure their love is secret, so whoever follows them ends up lost forever, and eventually dying inside, as put by Chong right before Team avatar entered the cave.


Badgermole earthbending

The Badgermole

Then the actual animals. Badgermoles, to put it simply, are underground predators. Badgermoles live underground, and use their earthbending to hunt prey. The badgermoles often create deep tunnels in the earth, or in this case, mountains, to hunt for prey and travel around.


Now for the important connections here. Enough fooling around. -- To begin, Oma and Shu learned their earthbending from the Badgermoles themselves, already getting a special connection with these creatures.

-- Next is the Badgermoles themselves. There's only two shown in The Cave of Two Lovers and the cave were made by only 2 people, Oma and Shu.

-- Then there's the cave. Oma and Shu made it elaborate enough so no one knows how to navigate it. But the badgermoles seem to go through just fine. As if knowing the route from heart.

-- The curse too has a connection here. The curse goes simply as follows:

Anyone who enters the cave will become hopelessly lost inside, unless they believe in love, thus having "love" show the way.

This curse goes on because these Badgermoles always alter the tunnels inside, so whoever enters doesn't know where to go.

What probably happened...

Here's a mini history idea on how this could be:

After Oma and Shu died so long ago, their bodies were both in a tomb inside. They were both reincarnated into these two paired Badgermoles by Raava, in order to protect their past lives' grave inside. This can also explain the love curse. The two would judge anyone who enters the cave, and if any of them believe in love, they'll lead them out safely, them having the same feeling and emotions they share with each other, thus understanding their struggles with love. If not, then they'll cause the said people to become lost, the people not being able to understand the love fate Oma and Shu went through...

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