• Gingalover

    The Avatar universe is very complex, vast, and mysterious. There's so much known and unknown about the show, down to the minor details to major events that fail to explain. My theory on the show is that during the time of Avatar Wan, and Avatar Aang, the world suffered an unknown apocalyptic event that has forced man to start over. In this will be evidence as of support to this theory.

    This theory is basically as the title says: That the avatar series suffered an apocolypse before the series began. Now I know it may not seem likely at first, But aspects in the show say otherwise...

    .]] In the show, there is plenty of past events that occurred before either Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra ever occurred. These include Wan shi ton…

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  • Gingalover


    As many avatar fans might know of, Team avatar had to go through a labyrinth of tunnels in order to reach Omashu in the episode, The Cave of Two Lovers. During the episode, Sokka and the nomads find themselves confronted by a pair of large Badgermoles, both of which reside in the cave. Then there's the legend on Oma and shu, a loved pair whom made the cave in the first place. The theory of this?

    Oma and Shu are reincarnated into two badgermoles.

    Now before anyone starts saying, consider the following of, what I see, as proof of this theory.

    To start off, let's look at one part of the legend of how the Cave of Two lovers come to be:

    Oma and Shu are two lovers whom are from two villages whom were currently at war. They became the very first ear…

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