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Favorite Fire Nation Names?

Ginga1234 February 2, 2011 User blog:Ginga1234

Ok, so obviously I got this idea from Skybender, who came up with the amazing Water Tribe name blog. But what is your favorite Fire Nation name? Here are some examples: *note: I probably forgot a ton, so if your favorite isn't included, tell me and I'll add it*

  • Zuko
  • Azula
  • Ty Lee
  • Mai
  • On Ji
  • Chan
  • Ruon Jian
  • Hide
  • Shoji
  • Ursa
  • Ozai
  • Iroh
  • Lu Ten
  • Ming
  • Zhao
  • Piandao
  • Roku
  • Yin Lee
  • Azulon
  • Sozin
  • Ilah
  • Yon-Rha
  • Lo
  • Li
  • Malu
  • Ta Min
  • Qin Lee
  • Tom-Tom

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