Ok, so I'm well aware this is an old topic, but I just had some new ideas. Hear me out.*

Katara- Victoria Justice (I really don't like her very much, but I think she looks like Katara and could pull off her nurturing persona) with blue colored contacts, or Taylor Dooley ( who is a really fantastic choice because she is younger looking and could be a better couple with young Noah).

Sokka- Avan Jogia with blue colored contacts. (I also think Luke Benward would be a good choice, but he wouldn't correspond with the darker-skinned Victoria/Taylor).

Aang- I actually think Noah Ringer was aptly cast, it was the script with the problem.

Toph- I personally like Isabelle Fuhrman, but since much of the fanbase is gearing towards an Asian actress, I would say an unknown, or perhaps that girl from Karate Kid.

Zuko- JUSTIN BIEBER!! Just kidding. In actuality, this one has got me totally stumped. I'd probably say another unknown Asian actor.

Jet- Drew Roy

Smellerbee- Chloe Moretz

Longshot- Josh Peck.

Yue- Same actress.

Azula- Kelly Vitz

Ty Lee- Ashley Argota

Mai- Christian Serratos (sp?)

Ozai- Jet Li

Suki- Alexandra Daddario

Ursa- Lucy Liu

Iroh- ? Not too familiar with Asian actors/actresses, sadly...

So that's my cast. Look them up, and tell me what you think.

  • I do not take into account the physical abilities of any candidate.

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