Hey! My name is Ginga1234, in case you didn't know, but most folks call me Ginga :) Anywho, I just wanted to make a blog telling all anonymous users to please, please MAKE AN ACCOUNT! I know a lot of you are fed up with the slight stigma you face as being anonymous. (I'm not going to get into details, but a great deal of anons have been spamming the pages of the wiki with some really inappropriate, insulting stuff, which makes the regular users sort of prejudice towards you) Which is understandable. And it's also a great reason to create an account! I speak from experience, the wiki is soooooo much more enjoyable once you have an account! You get to design your own page, make friends more easily,earn badges, and most importantly (IMO) have a name attached to yourself! So please, if you can, make an account! we'd love to have you :)

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