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    Ok, so obviously I got this idea from Skybender, who came up with the amazing Water Tribe name blog. But what is your favorite Fire Nation name? Here are some examples: *note: I probably forgot a ton, so if your favorite isn't included, tell me and I'll add it*

    • Zuko
    • Azula
    • Ty Lee
    • Mai
    • On Ji
    • Chan
    • Ruon Jian
    • Hide
    • Shoji
    • Ursa
    • Ozai
    • Iroh
    • Lu Ten
    • Ming
    • Zhao
    • Piandao
    • Roku
    • Yin Lee
    • Azulon
    • Sozin
    • Ilah
    • Yon-Rha
    • Lo
    • Li
    • Malu
    • Ta Min
    • Qin Lee
    • Tom-Tom
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    If you lived in the ATLA world, which character would you want to be and why? MOST DETAILED ANSWERS GET 10,000 DOLLARS!!!11!1!1!! Just kidding. But really, tell me what you think.

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    Cast Ideas

    January 20, 2011 by Ginga1234

    Ok, so I'm well aware this is an old topic, but I just had some new ideas. Hear me out.*

    Katara- Victoria Justice (I really don't like her very much, but I think she looks like Katara and could pull off her nurturing persona) with blue colored contacts, or Taylor Dooley ( who is a really fantastic choice because she is younger looking and could be a better couple with young Noah).

    Sokka- Avan Jogia with blue colored contacts. (I also think Luke Benward would be a good choice, but he wouldn't correspond with the darker-skinned Victoria/Taylor).

    Aang- I actually think Noah Ringer was aptly cast, it was the script with the problem.

    Toph- I personally like Isabelle Fuhrman, but since much of the fanbase is gearing towards an Asian actress, I would…

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    Hey all! I have a topic that I've been interested in discussing for a while- which character do you think went through the greatest changes throughout the course of the series? This may seem like a simple question but it's actually kind of tough. I've been thinking about it for a while and still haven't come up with a solid answer. Of course, there are some obvious choices (whom I will not name for the sake of discussion, but I think we can all come up with one off the bat), but hidden in there are some candidates that are far more subtle and unique. I think it will be really fascinating to see which way the fanbase leans to. So tell me what you think!

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    Hey everyone! For those who don't know me, my name is Ginga1234 (aka Mamma Ginga). Anywho, I've been inactive for quite some time(!), and I think it's only right that I get to know all the new users here (and there are A LOT of you). So please, leave me a comment, introduce yourself! And while you are at it, please fill me in on what I've missed here on the wiki, as I feel a little out of sorts. Thanks!

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