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Gia Katara February 28, 2011 User blog:Gia Katara

Name; Gia

Nation: water

bender: Yes

Eye color: Sea blue

Hair color:Brown

Family members: Bato,father Arli,decesd mother Hakota, Uncle katara,sokka, cousins

occupation: Slave for fire nation royals

best friend: Zuko and Suki

spouse(s): Jet, descesd / Zuko


Gia is a get-outa-my-way-or-i'll-kill-you kind of girl. Stolen from her parents shes the first ever Fire-citizen that can waterbend. Zuko took her on his banishment. She carries a burn in shape of a dragon like Zuko's famous scar but it is placed around her left wrist. Gia weres a fingerless glove to hide her dragon. By the age of 13 she was considerd a waterbending master. she considters Zuko as her brother

I'll write a story about her next time :)

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