Hmmm. What can I say? When I was watching the livestream I was completely wrapped up, spaz-bending left and right. But now that I've rewatched it again with a proper head on my shoulders that's not sleep-deprived (stayed up until 2 am to watch the livestream), I say, let's get down to business and crack this melonlord open.

There's one thing I would like to focus on here; the relationship between Mako and Korra. Let's start this point off when a classic Avatar quote.

When did Mako and Asami break up?

Y'know, it was really unclear.

Mako and Asami were never really shown having actually broken up. Just a little rough patch in their relationship. But Mako is already shown to be pouncing onto the next girl in their group. I really did not like him, primarily because he was a jerk in his introduction episode and the next few after it. And then I didn't like him because he was an underdeveloped character used as a tool in a badly written romance triangle.

Whenever Makorra came on screen I shuddered in disgust. They hold no chemistry and make me just want to, radda radda. I felt more emotion for the lieutenant and Amon than I did them. The creators didn't do a great job with the pairings this year.

Next negative point of the day, Bolin. Where was he? In the last few episodes, including that of the finale, he had so little lines and the majority of them were primarily for comic relief. He had in total probably three minutes of screentime and was incredibly underdeveloped. After the little fling between him and Korra, he was pushed out completely. Luckily for him, there's a second season for him to shine (but do keep in mind that originally there wasn't).

Following onto little character development and screentime, the two squeal-inducing Iroh and Bumi. I know there wasn't really much oppurtunity for Iroh to be on screen or to develop but, if you think about there only being one season, he really was just deadweight. And I wish they had shown Bumi more or given him a proper line.

Next point of action, I'm really confused. How did Amon use his bloodbending to take away people's bending? How did Aang restore Korra's bending (apart from being freaking awesome)? I wish they had taken the time to explain things but they had simply run out of time. But having only twelve episodes was no excuse for no explanations or choppy pacing.

And Iroh's voice didn't really fit him that well, but bah. I didn't really mind that.

But I shouldn't dwell on the bad things. Let's move on to the positive points.

Amon, or Noahtak, is one sexy son-of-a-horrible-bloodbending-person. Was I the only one that was wooed when his hair was flapping around his face as he was rose out of the water in a whirl of awesomeness?

The boat scene between Amon and Tarlokk really hit me. JUST TAKE ALL MY FEELS WHY DON'T YOU. At first I thought Tarlokk was going to electrocute Amon and drive back. But no! He just unscrewed the lid and kaboom! Amon's tear, their heartfelt brother talk. I was on the verge of tears. But I'm kind of disappointed on how the creators were just like, yep, let's wrap this up with an explosion in the middle of nowhere!

The blood bending was very impressive and like always, scared me a little. It seems like the arms could just snap back and the bones would break and shoulders would be dislocated. And Iroh firebending, oh my lord, Zuko's daughter did a good job with this one. It was very impressive, but I think the finale could have done with a lot more bending but with one side being Equalists, what can you do.

Having written this it seems like there were bad than good especially seeing as both my good points also had negative points in them. But overall, it was more satisfying than not and I will join others in the long wait for the next season and hopefully, some certain individuals will get more screentime.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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