Admit it, you like me!

I know, even before 'Legend of Korra' aired, people were already getting their shipping walls up and running, many people drawing arrows between our avatar and Mako. Things were simple at the beginning. Like Aang and Katara, the creators were already putting Mako and Korra together. Creating chemistry, inserting little quips, hinting at things. While I wasn't an avid supporter of the pairing, it was tolerable. But that was before Asami was introduced.

I love Asami. I find her to be a wonderful, independent character capable of kicking some serious butt. Mako and Asami began dating, ruffled up the feathers of some Makorra fans, all was fine and dandy. But then the teenage shenanigans were thrown in; secret kisses between Korra and Mako while he is still dating. Oh my lord, what a scandal. But Asami didn't know about it until Bolin let it slip a few episodes later of course.

I feel sorry for the girl. While she does get a few really awesome minutes on screen, the majority of her plot has been reduced to the teenage romantic rubbish, where her role is to make angry faces and berate Mako. Mako himself has been very inconsistent and it's for me, very irritating. I know he feels very protective over everyone in his life and doesn't want to lose anybody, but he swings to and fro with his relationship with Korra too much it becames just a big mess!

For me personally, Makorra has been getting worse and worse as the season progresses. Mako essentially has no more character development except in the romance plots, which are cringe-inducing. Asami is the same and Bolin, has anyone seen him or has he just been hanging around in the background doing nothing? Makorra has really fallen flat for me and I'm beginning to hate Mako just a little more than I did when he was a jerk in his first episode.

There are two more episodes left in this season, hopefully they can be pulled out of a sticky situation and deal with Amon; maybe getting Bolin a little bit more screentime because lately he's been getting none of it. I don't think Season One had enough episodes to fit all the plot in and let it and its characters mature. We'll just have to wait and see.

On other shipping shenanigans, remember when people used to ship Korra and Tenzin before finding out his official age (or logically working it out in their heads?)

Also, I hope I don't receive any ill-will from hardcore Makorra-shippers.

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