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    Hmmm. What can I say? When I was watching the livestream I was completely wrapped up, spaz-bending left and right. But now that I've rewatched it again with a proper head on my shoulders that's not sleep-deprived (stayed up until 2 am to watch the livestream), I say, let's get down to business and crack this melonlord open.

    There's one thing I would like to focus on here; the relationship between Mako and Korra. Let's start this point off when a classic Avatar quote.

    When did Mako and Asami break up?

    Y'know, it was really unclear.

    Mako and Asami were never really shown having actually broken up. Just a little rough patch in their relationship. But Mako is already shown to be pouncing onto the next girl in their group. I really did not like him…

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  • Ghostsheets

    I know, even before 'Legend of Korra' aired, people were already getting their shipping walls up and running, many people drawing arrows between our avatar and Mako. Things were simple at the beginning. Like Aang and Katara, the creators were already putting Mako and Korra together. Creating chemistry, inserting little quips, hinting at things. While I wasn't an avid supporter of the pairing, it was tolerable. But that was before Asami was introduced.

    I love Asami. I find her to be a wonderful, independent character capable of kicking some serious butt. Mako and Asami began dating, ruffled up the feathers of some Makorra fans, all was fine and dandy. But then the teenage shenanigans were thrown in; secret kisses between Korra and Mako while …

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