In the world of Avatar, in terms of weapons, shouldn't there be guns by now? They have bombs, gun powder and a cannon-like device in the first series, but no guns or riffles?

I hear a lot of people saying guns would be useless or that they would make bending pointless. Actually, I kept thinking that maybe it'd be used by non-benders to fend for themselves. I mean, they've used swords and spears to hunt with and defend themselves. So why not a long range weapon?

I think it's a bit self-explanatory, Nickelodeon doesn't want that kind of violent weaponry in their shows. I'm not sure if guns appeared in other Nick shows, but it is a channel for children and seeing other people being brutally shoot with guns is a bit extreme.

That is my theory however, I think it'd be cool if they worked in a gun-like weapon.

What do you guys think?

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