I know many fans know of Azula's descent into insanity and has labeled her Jozula. From the Dark Knight film. But I feel that's not the proper name they should call her. I think they should change that to Eggzula. Because of her descent into madness is similiar to Dr, Eggman from Archie's Comics Sonic the Hedgehog. Think out it. They both had something happen to them that shook them the hardest. With Azula is the betrayal of both Mei and Ty Lee. For Eggman his defeat at the hands of Sonic and the Freedom Fighters in issue 177. Both slowly losing grip on reality in later stories both showing the mental emotional and physical instabilities in later stories. Both saying their last words before going mad. Eggman's last lines were, I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG! And Azula's last lines were, They you are, filthy peasant! Though there are some differences between the two. However they both end up screaming and rolling the floor uncontrollably. Sonic Zuko and Katara looking on with pity and feeling sorry for them. Not knowing that their defeat at their hands would cause them to go insane. You see the point I'm making here?

But what do you guys think. Is there some truth to what I'm saying? Post comments below.

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