Recently Mad made a parody of Legend of Korra and Dora the Explorer. It was an interesting mash-up and I admit I laughed a little at it. If you guys wanna watch a sneak peek, here is the link, Legend of Dora. It isn't the full video, but it shows most of the video. I saw the full episode. It basically starts off with a man in a bamboo hat, going into Dora's house. The man (who turns out to be Tenzin) opens his hat and reveals Meelo chomping on his head. He then takes Dora from her parents and she is seen in Republic City. She asks the viewers if they knew why it was called Republic City and you can see a man answering the question for her. She then starts to fight these 3 criminals and then the police chase her. While running from them, she bumps into Mako and Bolin. They ask her to join their team and then The Incredible Hulk comes out of nowhere demanding more screentime. Dora then asks if he can bend anything. He said a few words, I couldn't understand. She then proceeds to show him how to firebend and waterbend. She eliminates two probending players in the process. Hulk then tells her he can bend people and he picks up the remaining player and bends his spine. Hulk and Dora are declared winners but Hulk is still angry at the fact that he didn't get more screen time. He then runs towards the camera and says that he wants more screen time in spanish.

Thanks for reading. Hope you guys can see the Episode.

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