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  • Gamedude948

    I saw this cool video where Dee Bradley Baker does some of the animal voices in the Search and here is the link.       Dee Bradley Baker voices, The Search

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  • Gamedude948

    Photo Shoot

    March 17, 2013 by Gamedude948

    Alright I found this Photo shoot thing and I think most of you probably already saw it. I am still gonna post it for those who didn't see it. It is Korra taking a photo shoot. I laughed at it and you might laugh to. Sorry I couldnt find any interesting news involving Book 2.

    Korra's Photo Shoot

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  • Gamedude948

    Mad: The Legend Of Dora

    September 15, 2012 by Gamedude948


    Recently Mad made a parody of Legend of Korra and Dora the Explorer. It was an interesting mash-up and I admit I laughed a little at it. If you guys wanna watch a sneak peek, here is the link, Legend of Dora. It isn't the full video, but it shows most of the video. I saw the full episode. It basically starts off with a man in a bamboo hat, going into Dora's house. The man (who turns out to be Tenzin) opens his hat and reveals Meelo chomping on his head. He then takes Dora from her parents and she is seen in Republic City. She asks the viewers if they knew why it was called Republic City and you can see a man answering the question for her. She then starts to fight these 3 criminals and then the police cha…

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  • Gamedude948

    Turning The Tides

    June 17, 2012 by Gamedude948

    This episode was great but I think that there should have been more. I wanted to hear more about Amon's plan. The episode was great when Naga slapped The Lieutenant, when General Iroh came, when Rohan was born, and how Lin sacrificed her bending to save Korra and Tenzin, and the airbending kids were awesome, especially Meelo and his fartbending. I just cannot wait for the next episode.

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  • Gamedude948

    Out of the Past

    June 9, 2012 by Gamedude948

    This episode was by far the best and most informative, I believe. We find out alot of things. Such as, Sokka was a member of the Council, Avatar Aang stopped Yakone by entering the Avatar state and taking away his bending, and Tarrlok is Yakone's son. Amon was just epic in this episode. The way he just resisted Tarrlok's bloodbending was just incredible. Everyone in this episode were really amazing. The way Mako felt when Korra was missing, Asami's jealousy, Bolin's awkwardness, Sokka's sarcasm, Tenzin's seriousness, Aang's awesomeness, and OH Twinkletoes. This episode was just awesome and I just cannot wait for the next episode. Does anyone feel the same way?

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