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    The Scarred Children

    July 16, 2012 by Gaigos

    Hey everyone this is my first blog post, so it goes.

    One day out of bordom I started to rewatch all of ATLA Book 3 and I came upon a revelation at the end of the season. Both Azula and Zuko have scars. Zuko's own is obvious but Azula's scars are mental and are caused by people with polar opposites.

    Zuko's scar was caused by his evil, deceptive father. While Azula's were caused by her kind, loving mother. Which then leads to more complicated stuff like how Zuko and Ursa both were banished and how Azula and Ozai stayed in the Fire Nation and ended up being similar to their parent who was kindest to them.

    So yeah, leave comments, try adding on, or call me a doopcof. Anyone is fine by me ;D

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