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    Hello Avatar Wiki. I am AvatarPokemon, a fairly new user on this Wiki. I am here to announce the start of my fanfiction, . For anyone who doesn't know about it (which is currently everyone, I suppose) I'll give a quick overveiw.

    First of all, it's an OC story. I know. You're quaking in your boots. So if you can't ge behind OC fanons then skip it.

    Still here?


    OK, so the plot centers around the Prince of the Fire Nation from 1000 before Avatar Aang. No, he isn't the Avatar, but he is destined to save the world. And naturally, he runs into the Avatar amist that quest. There are two other main characters, Peter, the Earth Prince, and Kealen, a nomad. And that's team Avatar! Nice huh?

    Not amazing, but I'm content with it.

    So there you go! The Legac…

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