As some of you may or may not know, Taang week is coming up in about... ooh, three days? Give or take (plus time zones and all that), and I feel as though I'm the only person going to participate on the wiki.

The point of this post is to get you a little more interested in writing, and writing two of my favourite characters. This week has inspired my own writing competition for you. It will go for about a month, closing on June 30th.


For a bit of background, Taang week is the last week of May, beginning on the Monday, and the point is to write seven one-shots for each day of the week. The tricky part? You're given a prompt that you have to follow. You can't just make up a story based on what you feel like - it has to relate to the prompt.

This year, the prompts are Regret, Balance, Manners, Family, Tattoos, Lies and Realisation. The thing is, you have complete creative freedom aside from that. It can be rated anything (although I'm posting on this site, so naturally it's going to be T or less), and can have other characters, although the focus has to be on Toph and Aang. You can even change the relationship, to be purely professional, to friendship and all the way up to romance.

Naturally, I've put a lot of effort into mine, and you can take a look at them here. Obviously, due to it not actually being Taang week yet, I haven't started uploading, but if you wanna be updated for it, just ask :D


The prompt you are given is based on the date you made your first edit. Like, mine was the 20th May, and so I would have to write a story based on Tattoos.

1st - 4th: Regret
5th - 9th: Balance
10th - 14th: Manners
15th - 19th: Family
20th - 24th: Tattoos
25th - 29th: Lies
30th - 31st: Realisation

Note: you can write as many of these as you want, but only the one you are given (based on your first edit date) is eligible for entry. You may only enter one story, so if you write multiple versions of the same prompt, you can only choose one to enter.


Okay, like I explained above, there are actually very few rules governing Taang week. That said, I want to get a few things clear.

  1. The oneshot has to relate in some way to the prompt. If your prompt is Lies, you need to, in some way, mention lies/lying, or laying down. You can use any definition of the word you want, but it has to be recognised by most dictionaries.
  2. There is no word limit, although keep in mind that it is a one-shot and therefore it should be introduced and resolved in the one story.
  3. Anything goes. Well, anything that is acceptable on this site goes. Don't write an R rated fic, or one completely devoid of basic spelling and grammar.
  4. This is Taang orientated competition. You can include other characters, but the point is to make it slightly challenging - in this case, it is by limiting the characters and what you can write about. That being said, it really isn't difficult to do.


This is a competition, and so naturally there is a method of choosing the winner. Points will be awarded thusly, in these categories.

  • How well you relate to the prompt
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation. When in doubt, ask someone to beta-read it (not me, obvs)
  • Length - is it appropriate, or are you not including/adding too much detail where is is/isn't required.
  • Style - discretionary, but this related to how well you write in your chosen medium (ie do you stay in the correct tense? Are you constantly switching perspectives?)
  • Genre. It's up to you to choose the genre, and it doesn't matter if you want to write comedy or angst, or anything in between, but if you say you're writing romance and I don't see any of it in the story, points will be deducted.

All the points are awarded out of 10.


This is for fun. It is a competition, yes, but the main point is trying to write under certain conditions. Also, I'm a huge fan of subtlety, and I absolutely hate using the prompt title in the story. Keep that in mind when writing. I don't hate other people using it, but I feel as though the writing isn't as powerful or effective if you need to say "she regretted it" in the prompt Regret, for example.


Entrance is now closed, and the points are being deliberated. Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Walking Inferno's entry.
Krazykid51's entry.
Apostier's entry.
ByBray's entry.


Finally, after wayyy too long, the results can be seen just over here.... Thanks to everyone who participated! :)

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