Now, seeing as how I am not American, I will leave all the Uncle Sam business in the title. Now, I am just a regular author, a person who reads other people's stories for the daring plot, the heartbreaking angst, the budding romance and the killer action. There are so many more genres that I can't think of adjectives for, so I'm going to leave it there. Now, as a few of you might know, I am a member of the Fanon Fact Finders, a user group dedicated to interviewing writers, everyone from up-and-coming authors to those who are firmly rooted within the Avatar Wiki Community as being pretty epic authors. And well, that user group is sinking a little....

Just for a bit of history, the FFF was started by PreservationsWings sometime in the past. He left, and many more members have come and go - this is my second time jumping on the interviewer/ing bandwagon, which seems to have broken down a few times. The wheels are creaky, and the horse needs some food. The other driver, Kyoshidude is doing an absolutely amazing job, but we can't keep driving this thing when people keep piling on the back.

Pretty much my lame metaphor for "need help". You see, authors keep requesting interviews, and both Male Kyoshi and I are unable to cope with the numbers. It may not seem like a lot, but when the FRS has over twice the number of members that we do, you see the issue.

So, anyone interested in becoming a Fanon Fact Finder, just take a gander at Kyoshidudes fanfic, Gods of War. We're looking for original, thought-provoking, interesting questions. I don't wanna sound desperate here but, well, we're desperate...

Hope to see many people try out!

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