Howdy, all! I know I haven't update my blog in a while, but that'e because I had nothing to say. But, now I do! I have recently posted Chapter 3 of The First in a Long Line. Very proud :') I have so many ideas for other fanons, though, it is ridiculous.

Not to many points, will I give away here, but be assured, there will be shipping. And it will be more mature. After the 100 year war, I want to explore relationships while these children are trying to restore peace.

I will tell you now, I am neither a Kataanger or a Zutaran. I merely write what I feel at the time.

I really want to explore both ships, however. On the one hand, you have Aang and Katara, essentially childhood sweethearts. Their relationship will be soft and gentle, you know, sweet caresses. Really romantic. A soft, light candle. Zuko and Katara, however, will be a great wall of flame, burning fierce and bright.

And there's my blog post for the night. Make sure to comment so you can give me some ideas!

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