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Fruipit July 8, 2012 User blog:Fruipit

There is no news. There's the truth of the signal. From here to the eyes and the ears of the 'verse.

Seriously, though, I have a little bit of news. List Time!!

  1. I have been accepted as a probationary member of the Comma Crusade. Very Happy. #I am friends with Master Ratava, and personally, I think he should be an admin. The level of intelligence and creativity he has displayed. It's mind-blowing. I have sent in my application for the Fanon Fact Finders, and I'm really confident!
  2. And, quite possible the most important. I recently read A Bird Could Love A Fish. For those of you who don't know, it was written by Theavatardemotivator, a person who, I'm sad to say, has left this wiki. And I never *sniffles* got to meet her... But, that's in the past. The point of this point, was to ask a question. I just want to know, what was she like?
  3. Finally, the last point. This is about my fanon. Yes, I know. I keep saying I'm going to write it, and I don't. I'm sorry. I'm having difficulty actually writing it down. I have a big plate of a writers block, a side dish of no time, and a nice refreshing glass of personal problems. So, please don't expect the next part to be out for a while. And anyway, people already know the past of Amon... Why should I keep writing this? Ohhh... Lightbulb moment, if I can jus-

*We apologise for the delay, this user has run out of battery, due to over-excitement. She should be back online, with a day of so. Please be patient while we sort out this issue. Thank you,*
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