Okay.... Now, as you all would have seen, my new fanon is up on the cybernet, if you haven't seen, you should see it.

I did tell you I would upload the first chapter shortly, and I haven't done that, and I'm truly sorry. I had assignments and tests, and it's just been dreadful. You should see my diary. It's actually got appointments and stuff written in it! It's amazing! But, I digress...

If you want to subscribe, just go here and put your name down. I will contact you on your wall when each chapter is released.

I plan on putting the first chapter up tomorrow sometime, but be warned, it's a long one. I may have to do it in two parts. It's really long...

Other news. No, I haven't become a member of the FFF, Master Ratava is currently the only active member, and he's been away for a while... Also, I haven't completed those drawings for the Fanon Illustrator Insignia. I know, I know. Hey, stop pressuring me. I'll get there!

And, I think that's all from me. Don't expect much action from me after about... 30 hours from now, I'm going to a Batman Marathon.

In the ever immortal words of Looney Tunes; That's all, folks!

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