Ahh!!! Finally! I got round to making my new fanon!~

Well... I made the main page. Hey, don't argue with me. My mum's sick. Kind of. Anyway. I am going to upload the first chapter soon, I just... haven't yet.

If you went to the age, you'll see it's a similar line to The First Avatar. Actually, that's what I was going to name it. But, I wanted to make my own fanon about the beginnings of the Avatar! And, while I do love The First Avatar, I don't think the first should be an airbender. Like I said, I wanna put my own twist on it.

Now, to other news. I still don't know if I'm in the Fanon Fact Finders yet, but I hope to get in. Maybe reviewing other authors will give me a little inspiration? Also, I am a member of the Coding Companions, I may have already said that, and a probationary member of the Comma Crusade. I guess that's my 3 Usergroups. I am pretty good at making Userboxes, if I do say so myself, and I plan on creating a help blog, just to teach other people how to do it. That, and signatures, because it's a lot of fun designing your own unique signature!

That's all from me, for the time being!

Ps. I know I haven't had a lot of presence here lately, school only just started back up again, and for that, I apologise

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