Howdy everyone!

So, I've noticed lately that we've had a lot of new users, and not everyone knows how to make an awesome signature. I thought that, what the hey, I'll make a blog post to help as many people as possible :3

Signatures are used on this wiki for discussion pages. That includes articles' talk pages, the War Room, profile image and quote changes, and the various voting pages, such as the user of the month and feature fanon nominates/voting.

Signatures are a lot of fun to make and customise, and you can change them as many times as you want to reflect whatever you want. There are only a few rules and policies when it comes to signatures, though they're pretty easy to follow.

Getting started

Okay, we'll start with the hard part, and save the fun stuff until the end. First you need a sandbox page—well, two of them. What you do is you add the signature code (which I'll show you how to create in a moment) to one sandbox, and then paste that sandbox in another sandbox. So, the coding for my signature is found at User:Fruipit/Signature. Now, in another page, User:Fruipit/Sig, I pasted {{User:Fruipit/Signature}}, and in my preferences (found here), I ticked the 'use wiki text' box and pasted {{SUBST:User:Fruipit/Sig}}. That's why, when I post my signature, it has the short code, and not lines of text.

To make your signature and a timestamp appear, you need to type four tildes (~), usually located next to the '1' key. Three tildes result in only the signature, while five have only the timestamp.

Now, onto making your signature. There are a few things you can use to customise it, but the most important aspect is the <span style></span> coding (or, if you're only changing the colours, the <font color></font>. Those parameters enable you to change everything from font and colour, to line height and spacing (though we don't permit the second two on the wiki, so I'm going to ignore that ^^" )


Okay, so, the first important part is the colour. There are a list of colours available to use for your signature, which you can find here. When using the span style parameters, you don't have to use the hexadecimal code, though I like it because it helps when I'm choosing colours for my Sims ^^" That being said, you are able to just use the colour name, though it's important to remember to remove the spaces. So, if I want my signature to be forest green, I can write either <font color="#228B22;">text here</font> or <font color="ForestGreen;">text here</font>


As for fonts, they're a little trickier. I don't use them because they may not render on certain devices, and it's just extra coding that I don't really want or need. That being said, some people want to use them, and I do want to be comprehensive.

This is where the <span style></span> comes in handy. You need to use the 'font-family' parameter, and then basically choose a font. It's really the same as the colour code, and just as easy: <span style="font-family:font name here;"></span> I do encourage everyone to 'preview' their sig before they save it in case it doesn't render the way you want it.

This is Papyrus font, and you can create it by typing "font-family:papyrus;"
This is Times New Roman font, and you can create it by typing "font-family:Times New Roman;"
This is Courier New font, and you can create it by typing "font-family:Courier New;"


Finally, you can also use sprite images (found here) to pretty up your sig. They work like any regular image, and you can just attach them to your sig like a regular image (so, just like this: [[File:Toph-DoBS-2.gif|25px]]). Keep in mind that they can't be too big, though—a good size is 25px—and there is a limit of 2 images to your signature. If you want, though, you can make it so that the image links to certain pages. Instead of just having the regular image, you can add |link=link here]] to it. When people click on the image, it then takes them to whatever page you want.


There are plenty of other things you can use. I use the <sup></sup> code, which changes part of my sig to look like this. Conversely, the <sub></sub> can make your sig look like this. You can use the <big></big> codes, or the <small></small> ones to change the size of the text without altering line height (if those codes are kept within reason ^^"), and there's nothing stopping you from using special characters and diacritics (`¡™£¢§ˆ¶•º–⁄€‹›‡°·‚—±, plus a tonne more) to really customise it.


I hope that helps you, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact any other user with a sig ^^" I know I had help when I first created mine, and I'm happy to help anyone else :) Probably the last hint I can give is look at other user's sigs. The coding can be seen when they leave their signature somewhere by looking at the source mode, or just by asking them. Try not to make it too similar to someone else's, though—while each signature has to have your own username, they're also identifiable by certain styles and colours, and sometimes even particular sprites. Basically, make it your signature, not one copied from someone else :)

That's all, and I wish you luck! If there are any questions, or anything is unclear, be sure to bring it to my attention :)

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