It's that time again, folks. Time to say goodbye to a brilliant interviewer, and open the doors to a few more (woah, make that sound elitist, why don't I?).

But yes, you read correctly. ByBray has officially handed in his resignation, and here at the Fanon Fact Finders, we're looking for not one, but two people to step up to the mantle.

So, what are we looking for?

At the Fact Finders, we need dedicated readers and authors. In a nutshell, you have to like fanon, you have to like reading it, and you have to be able to look at a story and try and imagine other possibilities. Why did an author choose to do this? Why is it set in such a place?

You don't have to be a writer to join the FFF–heck, I don't mind if you joined the wiki yesterday. As long as, through your interview, you can highlight some of the truly fantastic aspects of the fanon and author, and are willing to read their (sometimes incredibly long) stories.

If you're interested, just leave a comment :)

And, this thing works... how?

Now, of course, there is a little test, however this time, it's going to be done a little differently. We will get you to read a story, and think of awesome questions, but the author won't be answering them. When searching for an interviewer, we don't care about the answers. We care about interesting, compelling questions. Questions that really get us thinking. Questions that *ahem* question the very fibre of the author's soul (well...).

That is why the fanon that has been chosen to interview is a discontinued story. For this round, you prospective interviewers must read Aika: Illuminated. Make sure to read up on the policies regarding interviewing (such as the minimum number of questions required), and if you're feeling stuck, take a look at previous interviews.

I suppose the best advice I can give you is customise the interview. Make it about the author, and their story. Generic questions, such as 'what is your favourite chapter' are good, however you don't need to have read the story to ask that.

Make the author feel special.


I don't know how to code all the pretty stuff!

That's fine. If you do know how to code, use it, however we aren't looking at how complex you can make it look. You're quite welcome to look at the coding from other interviews (go to the blog and type '?action=edit' at the end of the URL) and use that, however we aren't looking for aesthetic appeal.

How do I send you my interview? There are no answers!

Okay, to actually completely apply, you need to put your questions and/or coding in a sandbox entitled 'FFFtest' in your userspace. After they have all been submitted, one of the current members will copy it to a FFF sandbox for posterity, and then you can delete it or ignore it or do whatever you want with it.

When is this due by?

There really is no deadline, however punctuality is always appreciated (and may even get you some brownie points). I understand it can take a while to read a story and think of good questions, and we definitely don't want you to stress about time and come up with a half-hearted interview.

How many questions do we need to do?

According to FFF policy, for a one-shot it is 8, and for a series, 12. This is the minimum number of questions; if you can think of 30 questions to as the author, by all means, as them! The more the readers can find out about the author and their story, the better!

Remember, though–quality over quantity.

Now, if you have any more questions, don't be afraid to message either Kuir or myself. Good luck to all the applicants, and just remember–this is about having fun. If you don't get in next time, trust me, there will be another chance.

This is Fruipit, signing off~

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has applied!

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