Item 1: Fanon
As you all may know, if you read my other blog posts and fanon, I recently posted the latest chapter, a hiatus. Now, I said that I would get back to The Legend ASAP, however I'm so swamped with assignments as of late, I can hardly chew my food before I swallow it. I plan on asking the FRS to do a review. I feel that this is a good place to take a break and hear some official feedback. But, I do love my Nony's opinions.

Item 2: Korra
Ah, Korra. My dear, sweet Korra. What happened? I mean, after watching the latest episode, I have come to a conclusion. No, more than that. I have come to a revelation. There is almost no character development. I LOVE shipping, but they aren't going anywhere with it! Also, Lin. I love Lin, and that was a really bold move by Bryke, taking away a main characters bending. Heavy, man... Heavy

Item 3: A Surprise, of sorts
Well, my friend posted a picture to Facebook today. And I must say, I agree with it wholeheartedly. It pretty much summed up everything that has happened to Asami, and dissed people who bag her out. Now, I may HATE Masami, but I don't hate Asami. I like her. And the fact that her only friend is Korra, seeing as she's dating Mako (doesn't count), and I don't believe that she has ever had a reasonable conversation with Bolin (also ineligible)... All I'm saying is, I would be slightly peeved off if Korra kissed my BOYFRIEND, and then found out my boyfriend has feelings for her! I wish Asami would just make out with Bolin to get back at Mako... But that was my surprise. Venting. SURPRISE!!
Oh, and one other thing. I would like to


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