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Fruipit, back again with yet another late interview with Agent Slash, author of The Necklace Heist. The plot, in his words:
Originally a one-shot fanon created for TAD's Writing Challenge, The Necklace Heist is a short fanon about Me and my friends Piandao and Suki stealing a Water Tribe betrothal Necklace to find a karaoke partner and then trying to return it all the while trying to avoid the guards it was stolen from.
It doesn't tell you that it is a fantastic fanon, full of humour and, really, is the funniest story I have ever read. I urge every who enjoys nonsensical plots and skilled writing to read this. You won't regret it

Now, first off, great idea! Where did you think it up?
Well, a while back, TAD created something called the "Fanon Writing Challenge". It assigned people something to write about, based on their birthday, the first letter of their names, etc;. After I read through it, I was assigned to write a story about me stealing a precious treasure from the Southern Water Tribe with Piandao.

Why did you decide to steal a Water Tribe betrothal necklace?
Well, I was trying to think of any precious artifacts that could be found in the Southern Water Tribe, and then I had the idea of stealing a betrothal necklace -- the finest one ever carved.

Ah. The only thing worth stealing from the Southern Water Tribe. How did you think of the humour? What was the inspiration?
Well, one story the partially helped with the humor was a hilarious story called Deck the Halls! which can be found on here. Also, the big wiki-wide 'Stop SOPA' madness was going on at the time, so I used that as a joke as well.

You were originally only writing one, why did you decide to continue the story with more instalments?
At first, I just did this as a part of TAD's writing challenge. I hoped I could entertain a few users with a short, humorous little story, but I didn't feel satisfied. I wanted to do another one, because I loved writing the first one and I had so many more ideas to work with. I planned a sequel -- intending for it to be the last one, but then I thought: 'Why end it there?" So, I kept on going and made more.

You did't think it's silly to have yourself as the main character? Did you do it for comedic effect, or to get more of your personality in the character?
Heh, heh. Yes, it's a bit silly, but that was part of the assignment.

Did you want Suki to be the love interest of yours? Ahem, I mean, the main character?
XD Well, that would not have worked out, since she and Sokka are an item and I did not want to mess that up. Not to mention the story was comedy as opposed to romance. So, I made it more of a one-sided crush instead. Overall, her involvement in the story would have happened regardless, as many people know I am a big Suki fan.

Why did you change the characters between number 4 and number 5?
The fourth installment was originally going to be the last one. It was published in January and was the original conclusion of the story. Over time, I thought about creating a fifth installment, having missed writing the serires. Over the summer, this finally happened. However, I could not include the original characters, (other than Kuruk) in the new series, since the end of the fourth chapter said 'THE END' in big, bold letters. It just felt wrong to keep going after that, so I thought of using LoK characters instead.

Why did you not have yourself as a character in the new version?
My character, as well as Piandao will make cameos at some point in the newer chapters.

Oh good. But, your dynamic duo has been surpassed. Why Tenzin and Bolin?
I thought that this story would be perfect for Bolin. I immediately thought of using him. Tenzin was included, because he is my favorite character in LoK and, because I thought he would be perfect for this as well.

How many more are you planning to write?
I am planning on writing a sixth installment and possibly a seventh and an eigth, but my possible retirement could prevent that from happening.

How did you feel about the results of the Fourth Fanon Awards?
Well, even though the story didn't receive a single vote, it was an honor to be nominated.

Well, there you have it folks! Another hilarious fanon by esteemed writer, Agent Slash. All I can say it, I'm looking forward to the next instalment, and anyone reading this story will too. This is Fruipit, signing off!

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