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Fruipit here once again for another (yes, another) test interview~! I have to say, I was quite excited a bout interviewing Kyoshidude about his fanon. The Kyoshi Chronicles. Why, you may ask? Because it is such an amazing story. First off, Male Kyoshi has decided to write a story about a character that the audience knows very little about. He has also decided to put a spin on the traditional War Story, instead having it be the Earth Nations fault, and an Avatar who is both clueless as to the state of the world, and also an absolutely terrible bender. Well, no... An Avatar who has live seventeen years without bending. But, I fear I'm giving too much information away. You wanna know more about the story, read it. You want to know more about what isn't told? Read this!

Why did you want to write a fanfic about Avatar Kyoshi?

Well, in The Last Airbender we didn't get much information on Kyoshi so I was highly curious to find out what she was all about. But rather than searching for the information I made it up myself.

Is there a reason you made her a very unskilled bender - so much so that it took her 17 years to realise she could earthbend?

Conflict. Conflict makes any story interesting and captivating. Also, I wanted to explore the discipline of earthbending as much as I would with the other elements. In The Last Airbender we didn't really get to know the art behind airbending and I didn't want to lose that with my fanon.

Why did you begin the story with a newspaper clipping? Did you consider setting the scene in any other manner?

Honestly, I had no idea how to start it. I wanted to explain what was happening in a succinct way so a newspaper article seemed best.

Kyoshi was born on the peninsula which would one day become an island. Why did you set the scene in the same town as Toph's place of birth?

True, I did change her birthplace. Gao Lin Province is located on the south of the mainland. I did this because, well, I don't know why I did. I just liked the name I guess. I also needed a bending tournament for her to discover her bending at, so the bending tournament in chapter one is like the early stages of Earth Rumble VI I suppose...Haha.

Was there a reason you named it Gao Lin, not Gaoling?

I just thought it was called Gao Lin. When I looked it up I was wrong but I stuck with the name anyway. Perhaps Gao Lin is a neighbouring province to Gaoling? I did change its position on the map...

Young Kyoshi is so different from the one we met in Avatar Day. Why did you originally have her act like an airbender?

Airbender? I don't really know what traits those could be - peaceful? Happy-go-lucky? I used such traits because she is young. She's innocent and excitable. I suppose as the fanon progresses and the stakes get higher we'll see future Kyoshi come out some more.

Did you want the audience to initially like Admiral Nero? Why/why not?

I did. I wanted them to trust him. I wanted them to accept him as one of the team so that they could despise him when he showed his true colours. I'm sure most readers (if any) saw it coming....

Will we ever see Nit or Po again?

Nice question. Yes. Both. But not until the very last book - which will be AGES away! But yes, all I can say is, Nit still definitely has feelings for Kyoshi.

Where did you get the idea for Astrid?

As bad as this is, she is based off Azula very much so. Success-driven firebender girl with a name starting with A who tracks down the Avatar...where did I get that idea from....But her ending is different to Azula's, this girl is also a lot more ruthless, you'll just love to hate her.

Are any of the characters based off people you know?

Not really. I suppose they'd have to be but if I think about it I never had any friends or family in mind when coming up with them.

What motivates you most to keep writing this story?

Lot's of things. The hope that with more chapters there will be more comments and feedback keeps me driven. The fact that I wrote a plan of all five books makes me want to get to the end. My love of writing makes me enjoy the painful endeavour. And I suppose the fact that I've already become attached to all my characters and the notion that it's only fair I keep them alive and finish their story is what drives me the most. It'd be a shame if they never got to the end, after all they'll go through, they deserve it. <- very lame and a bit crazy I know....

What has been the hardest thing for you to write about? What has been the easiest?

The hardest part is finding time to write. But to write about, I'd say action - I'm still getting my head around how long the sentences should be in order to fasten the pace. But then I don't want to make it lack description. It's a hard thing to perfect. The easiest for me is scenery, sort of. If I get the picture in my head then I can get something down then add some metaphors or smilies or what have you and it gets fun. Dialogue is also easy/fun to write.

Are there any defining moments of this story that you are the most proud of? Any moments that you think make this story what it is?

Hmm. Perhaps not of yet because we're in the beginnings of it. But, with as much as I can let myself give out, the character development I've got planned makes me proud. I've got an airbender coming into the mix soon along with an arranged marriage and the drama and morals in that I am proud of. Any moments that will define my fanon? Definitely the last few chapters. Even reading over the chapter summaries, forgive the arrogance, I'm on the edge of my seat and hopefully readers will be too. Hopefully the final battles will be battles to remember (if I've perfected action-writing by then, haha!)

If you could tell your fans anything, what would it be?

Fans! Please don't leave me! I promise I've got some good stuff coming up. Just bear with me! Nah, fans, thanks for being my fans. You are the sole reason I continue to post my fanon here. Your comments and compliments bring a smile to my face. Thanks a million.

Will there be any more antagonists? Will Nero come back for a final showdown with Kyoshi?

Of course. The Earth King. He's the big bad guy Kyoshi HAS to defeat - even though we've never seen him. Nero definitely comes up here and there a lot as he's in charge of taking over the others States, and the Avatar always seems to be around when there's trouble. I have a few more antagonists - a relative of a character - but none as major as Astrid, Nero and Earth King Lectur.

Will we ever learn about Astrid's past?

Yes. I'm not going to give ANYTHING away concerning her. All I can say is yes. Eventually.

So there you have it folks! I strongly suggest any Kyoshi fans read this. Or people who like War Stories. Or about learning bending from the beginning... Just read it. This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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