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Frupit here, back again for a very late interview. I mean, really, really late. Thank Koh it's the holidays, huh? Today, I'm interviewing The Snowbold about his story, The Journey of Tala. After reading all 35 chapters, I have to say, I'm astonished. I'm astounded. I'm awestruck and dumbstruck. Seriously, if I wrote a question about everything I thought of, we would be here all day, and I'd need to put a great big "Warning: Spoilers" sign at the top. So, I've tried to keep this a reasonable length, and not give away to much. Seriously, though, with a plot as well-constructed and complex as this, it was difficult. I ended up just not trying to think of questions after chapter 12, just because I wanted to enjoy this story (plus the aforementioned spoilers). So, what is JoT?

It's an Avatar story. About an Avatar. Gee,what a surprise, huh? Well, the surprise is that she is like no Avatar I've ever seen. Kept in Omashu to be trained (and to raise the city politically), she has little experience of the outside world. Tala is the earthbender after Korra, and at only 19, she has to stop the world erupting into another war. The plot is so, so much more than that, but you have to read it to find out!

Where did this idea come from?
I just thought about the effect of a new nation that took from all the previous ones, it would eventually replace the Four Nations, that wasn’t going to happen without a fight.

How did you think of the characters? What sort of thought went into their characterisation?
Characters are key to me, they represent many facets of a whole. They had to be opposites and yet similar. I had to draw from own experiences and emotions as well as what I watch and read for inspirations. Also, this crazy anime called “School Days” (mature audiences only), the girl Katsura kind of inspired a part of Rishu. I read from Aristotle to George RR Martin and love much of the various work and draw from it.

You've been writing this for approximately six months, and have almost 40 chapters released - how are you able to release almost six chapters a month? Where do you find the time?
Is it that many? Wow, I guess I just write when I have time, and a college class that is completely worthless.

Why did you decide to name one of the antagonists after yourself?
Actually, The Snowbold was a character long before I joined Avatar Wiki, I just couldn’t think of a name for my username, so I put that in.

What is Azerbaijani, and why are so many names inspired by it?
Azerbaijan is a country north of Iran and one of the few languages in Google Translate that shows its translation in latin letters.

Why did you establish Tala's relationship with Kulek so early in the story?
I was kind of tired of the characters struggling with romantic problems from the start and wanted something different.

You have so many OC's - is it difficult to keep track of their own unique personalities?
Just their names and especially the less important ones who are seen in one chapter or so.

Do they inspire each other in a way?
Sometimes, it mainly goes off of how they separate from each other. Where Rishu would plan a hit on an enemy, The Snowbold would just roll in and do it himself.

Would you say that this is a character driven story, or a plot driven story? Why/why not?
I would like to say it is plot-driven, but it has been my characters that have gotten positive reviews and it does center around their actions. Tala could have done something completely different and ended up like any other Avatar.

You have plans to finish the three books of this story, and start two more unique stories. Why do you want to continue this story?
There were just too many loose ends in my mind, especially in regards to what Rishu planned and what actually happened.

Will you continue writing after they are completed?
Right now, there are those three main stories and two sets of side stories that cover what happens in between. If I finish that and my Amorra fanon, I’ll get back to you.

You've created a very complex world - can you tell me where you get your inspiration from?
Life is so complicated, its hard not to make something that mimics that.

Why did you make Tala so different to other Avatars that we have seen before?
I was tired of Avatars that were so self-righteous and pompous. Tala is proud, but for other reasons, and her upbringing has made her distrustful, knowing they would treat her like a criminal if they knew the truth about her.

Why did you set this in Omashu?
A big city built to be a fortress was perfect for war. I also thought about the fact that Omashu must hate answering to Ba Sing Se when it was the source of earthbending.

How much time did you spend creating the characters and setting?
I spend a butt load of time on characters and what makes them tick.

What about the plot?
I like to think I put a lot of effort into plot, but not as much as the characters, who make the story.

Will it get any more complex as you travel into the sequel? What conflict will Lirin face?
Yes and no. Simple and complex problems are explored for Lirin.

Will the end of The Journey of Tala spell the end of Tala herself?
Not quite, it will be the end of her ignorance, innocence and the end of her greatest trial.

Do you have a beta reader?
No, I do not.

How long is each chapter? Do you plan for it be that long, or do you just stop writing when it suits the end of a chapter?
The plot of these chapters are already done in a three-quarter of a page for each chapter and so I just write till I translate that message.

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans out there?
To readers and fans, thanks for the kind words (and the harsh ones) and keep reading, cause it keeps getting crazy.

I would say that that is all from me but I feel so cheap, because there is so much more to talk about. All I can say is, I'm looking forward to seeing how The Snowbold progresses, and how the story continues. This is Fruipit, signing off~

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