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G'day, folks! Fruipit here for the first official interview since rejoining the Fact Finders! *cuts celebration cake after sister blows out candles* <<< Actually, that happened on my 11th birthday. Anywho, not my birthday, so I really have no excuse for being late, except I got into a depressing story, and then it started raining, and I found Iris on my iPod. I really wasn't in a n interviewing mood. But, now that that's past, I'm here with Jacob13Kyle, author of The Gunfighter.

The Gunfighter is a superb story that takes place at the start of The Legend of Korra. John Rider is a Gunslinger and a Firebender who is on the run from his world. He seeks the protection that the Avatar World holds, and is unknowingly pulled into the battle between Benders and Equalists. There is a prequel already published, and a sequel planned. If anyone is looking for a long-term investment, I certainly recommend this story! But, you want to hear from the author, not me!

Why did you want to write a story?
"I've watched Avatar since it's very first episode aired on TV and have loved both it and Legend of Korra since. I discovered my ability to write when I was very young and I've been sharpening my skills ever since."

What inspired this one?
"I guess you could say a combo of frustration and luck brought around the idea for the story. I remember watching the first episode of Legend of Korra and having my jaw be open for several minutes at how much things had changed. Then I got frustrated that cars and radios and all other sorts of technology had been invented yet they couldn't seem to understand the idea behind something as old as a gun. So I took matters into my own hands and added guns, and this was the result."

You have a sequel planned already - do you know what it's going to include! Or do you just want to continue writing about the world you have created?
"The Invasion has been in the planning stages for a while now, and as the title suggest it revolves around an invasion, but of what and by who, you'll just have to stick around and find out."

You have also written a prequel for The Gunfighter. Why did you write it, and how do you find the time to write and plan these stories?
"I actually wrote the prequel before the idea for the story was even created. It's whole purpose was to give some insight into the main story line and give the reader an idea where John comes from and why. As for finding time to write and plan, it's all I seem to have lately. I can be out for a walk or driving and come up with an idea because of something I saw or heard, it's that simple."

John is the son of our worlds versions of the Avatar, and a Firebender. Is it significant that his element is opposite Korra's? Why?
"Not necessarily. Korra uses fire more often then she does water so you could argue that it is her element. But I created John as an opposite for Korra, even though they use the same element all the time. His firebending is influenced by his father's airbending, that makes it tougher on his enemies to hit him, and it makes him a mentor for Korra during her airbending block as he understands the art and its inner workings. This also means that he can relate it to her easier then Tenzin can."

Will we ever get the full story on why he was hunted by his own people?
"Of course. Once I start something I always end it, even if it takes a lot of time to do so. But I'll be nice and give you a glimpse. Its all about political power in the end."

Can everyone from his world bend, or only Gunslingers?
"Non benders actually outnumber benders in his world, which is our world in a future version. How often do you see a farmer using earthbending in his field? Pretty much never. This is because benders are in hiding, manly due to persecution by everyone. Bending in John's world, and by extension our own, is pretty much an instant death sentence."

Are the Gunslingers the same as the Order of the White Lotus? Why do they hate benders?
"The Order of the Gunslingers are our world's version of The Order of the White Lotus. Their purpose is to keep the peace between benders and non benders. But they also protect knowledge from destruction, and because the two groups are always fighting, they get put up against the people they seek to protect a lot. They don't hate anyone, they're just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Will John ever use his guns against anyone?
"John already has used his guns against people. He shot six people in chapter one, and shattered half of Amon's mask in chapter six. Using a gun ties into firebending manly because both require restraint so the wrong people don't get hurt. If you want to know weather he will use them again, the answer is yes."

You've kept the story fairly canonical, especially considering that the is an entirely new character to fit in - why didn't you change more about the story?
"I kept the story as close to the plot line of Legend of Korra as much as I could so that readers could feel as though they were in familiar ground, once they were there I could lead them away from that feeling and into something new. Trust me, the story will differ from Legend of Korra a lot more very soon."

What country is John from?
"If you want to get technical, John is from Ireland. That's where both of his parents were born and raised. But because of his parents traveling all of the time when he was younger, John lost his accent and any evidence that he's from Ireland."

You leaned heavily on Irish culture in the eighth chapter - why did you want to feature it so prominently?
"I featured Irish culture, Irish characters, and Ireland in general because of two reasons. Ireland is a land of rebels, most of it's history is filled with a struggle for freedom from the British. It is also about as far from the far east based culture that the Avatar World is based on as you can get."

You mentioned Twelve Universes; I take it to mean that our world and the world of Avatar are just two of those worlds. Will we ever see any of the other worlds?
"If we ever do see any others besides these two, it will towards the end of this story, or in the next one. And even then it will only be a glimpse. Travel between worlds takes a lot of energy, so it won't be done that often."

You left the last chapter on a cliffhanger. When do you plan on releasing the next one?
"Soon hopefully. Very soon."

Will we ever learn more about the characters of Leon and Roland? What about Eve?
"Absolutely! All three of their roles have only just begun, and I have big plans for all of them."

So there you have it! The Gunfighter, definitely recommended for anyone looking for something that's like a crossover, but not... I feel like I've seen it somewhere before, but I remember every story I ever read, so that's impossible. Anyway, Fruipit no longer here, she's signed off~!

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