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Greetings, all you psyched Avatards! I'm here today interviewing Midori122407 for the second time. Yes, that's right, he's at it again with a relatively new series, Avatar: Tales of the World.

It is an interesting story, using the same OC as his previous one. This fanon only has 6 chapters, but boasts a pretty unique idea that I haven't read about before; a Spirit Leader, to be precise. A person who is tasked with helping the Avatar maintain balance, and gifted in the abilty of bending the sub-elements. We don't quite know who exactly this elusive character is yet, but perhaps Midori will tell you!

Why did you decide to write this story?
I wrote this story for all of my friends and fans. I came to the conclusion that Avatar Adventures is going to be to long and I had other ideas for this story rather than the other. I came up with the idea of the spirit leader and went for a whole new story and made the whole series revolving around this spirit along with the Avatar. I feel that it would be better to do this rather than the other.

You have a multitude of original characters; why did you decide to have so many?
I originally had just June and the same character from my fanons, I created so many because of some of them are my friends ideas also but I came up with most of them and each person has came into their own within the last 7 months I've been working on this.

How did you think of all their names and personalities?
I have a book that has Avatar world names in them. Each name is created with meaning like Spirit Leader Sonam:
Sonam - Fortunate in Tibetan,
Najua means Sea Gull in Inuit Origin,
Tullik means Yellow Billed Loon in Inuit Orgin, and
Tae Bae means Great Inspiration in Korean.

Yukoda is named After Hakoda and Princess Yue, June is obviously named after June the bounty hunter. Each character is named through a long process and finding the right name their personalities are created and based off each of my friends. June is based off my own personality.

How long do you expect this story to be?
Long, hopefully. I want it to be done by early next year around the time Book 2: Spirits gets over and what not. I want this story to be there for readers and hopefully everyone will enjoy it. The series will have 3 to 5 books and will consist of 10 to 19 chapters per book and each book will be different, like in book 3 I'm thinking that the story will focus more on battle themed choices for the Spirit Leader and Avatar, in Book 2: Destiny there will be many epic battles between the Spirit Leader and Enemy Spirits and the Avatar.

Where do you find the time to write?
I find time to write when I have spare time, I do a lot of acting and other activities and don't have a lot of time to write like I use to. I normally would like to have people I could co-write with but it seems like no one is interested in this fanon, so I'm on my own and hopefully the ideas i have will be enough to make this fanon great.

How often do you suffer "writer's block"? 
I have writer's block all the time. I always seem to put down the writing until I get through it, it's difficult with not a lot of help. With my last fanon, I had co writers and it seems they're all gone now that book 1 of LoK is over. I also find that writing any ideas out before putting them into use is a good idea to help with any future writer's block.

You have already given the chapters names; does this mean you've already planned much of the story?
All of Book 1 is written I just have trouble putting everything together and I’m writing Book 2: Destiny right now. I have about 6 chapters done for Book 2 and I hope it will go faster than this book. I took out three months to write all of book 1 out, along with the spirit leader and everything else in the series. The reason for having all of the chapters planned out is to give the reader excitement, I can tell you this in book 2 there will be chapters called The Lunar Eclipse Part 1 and 2, and another chapter is going to revolve around spirit named Koh. There will also be a fights between friends and they will have to choose between friendships or the good of the Four Nations. In book 3 there will be a lot of choices to be made with spirits and the balance of the Four Nations.

How did you think of the title?
I came up with the title by thinking of the characters traveling the world. Of course in Book 1 there is a lot less of traveling the world and more focus on the Spirit Leader. I think that with Destiny the Spirit Leader will be spending a lot of time with Avatar Korra and her friends and family along with a lot more spirits. I'm working to focus on the Spirit State in Book 2 and the Spirit Quest.

How important are the different riddles?

The Riddles are very important in this series because it ties together all of the books and locations in the series. I hope that no one gets confused on any of them. I think that with each riddle being revealed the more secret locations will be revealed. In Book 1 there is not a lot of locations to visit that have riddles but the Valley of Relics, but there will be more in the future.

Did you think of them yourself?
All of the riddles are my own work. I came up with them while in class and some are basic things or sayings I've heard in my life. I think it's important to have riddles and challenges in life and as well in writing. I thought of different things and find myself wondering about different things that challenge us as humans everyday.

Would you consider June the main character, or Korra?
June is the main focus in Book 1 because of the task he was given by Aang. He pretty much is the main character in Book 1 and will become secondary with more main characters coming in Book 2 like Korra and Mako. June is trying to find the Spirit Leader along with everyone else in Book 1. Many other characters are coming though, like the Spirit Sages and the Sisters of the Sunflower.

June shares the name with a main character in one of your other stories, Avatar Adventures. Why did you decide to reuse the name? 
June is the same character from Avatar Adventures except I decided to not continue that series for a while. June has practically changed - in this series he is more serious about things as well as laid back about most things. The reason I reused the name and character is because I saw this as a great opportunity for the character, I think the more you keep reading the more you will find out why I reused this character and how he will tie to the series, in each book June will become more understandable in life and influence the world in many different ways

Which character is your favourite? Why?
I think like I said before that June is my favorite character, because [he] is so similar to me in real life. My second favorite is Kaito, because he would be everything I would want if I had a brother. So many reasons why I love my characters. I also love tenzin in the real series. I wish I could have him as a uncle in real life if only we lived in that world the world of bending. My third favorite character in my series is Kana because she is the polar opposite to June.

Are they inspired by people you know?
  My characters are inspired by people in my real life, love you guys all to death. my characters are also based off people who i respect in my life, people who draw out everything good in me.

The last chapter was published almost a month ago - can we expect an update soon?
Yes. right now I'm editing chapters 1 through 6 for errors and commas, like my friends on the wikia said, clean up many things, but don't worry I'm going to write chapter 7 by Monday, I'm going to be writing a lot more. 

What are your plans for the next books? Will the be a continuation of this one, or will June face a different obstacle?
In Book 2 I’m going to be focusing on the trials that the Spirit Leader is going to face once they're found. There’s going to be a lot of traveling for Korra and June in Book 2 with Ingy. June is going to help and support Korra in many ways. Also in Book 2 we're going to see the destiny's of the Spirit Leader and The Avatar get more personal. We're also going to be focusing more on Past Spirit Leaders and Avatars, and we're also going to be talking about how the Hundred Year War started and the Genocide of the Air Nomads. Book 2 will also feature Koh the Face Stealer a lot.  Book 1: Lineage will continue into Dook 2: Destiny. I want the focus to be on the spiritual side of everything that the Avatar World has to offer.

What's your opinion on the upcoming fanon awards?
I think they are a great way for many people to win things they are passionate about.

Do you write this story for yourself, or for the people who read it?
I write this story for myself and for my friends and for anyone who wants to read it. 

Is there anything you want to say to fans?
I would like to say if I have any thanks for reading and if you're interested in cc writing and/or helping in anyway I would be glad to have you help and make a impact on this series or any future series you may have ideas for. I would like to also say that if thanks to everyone on this page for helping me with editing and sharing my fanon and would love to be more helpful on this page and helping others as well as hoping for you guys giving me suggestions and helping me. Thanks, Midori122407

And you're very welcome! Anyone looking for a unique idea that still has a few of out favourite LoK characters should definitely give this story a go!

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