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Greetings, all! Fruipit back again, confused as to why she keeps linking her name. Talking about linking, I'm here to chat with Iluvcinderella about her recently recontinued fanon, Princess Yue's Second Chance. Talking place over a decade after the end of the Hundred Year War, PYSC follows - you guessed it - Yue and her second chance at being human again.

With a new body, she dons an alias and coincidentally meets up with Sokka and the rest of the Gaang. This story is about spirits and people, Yue coming to terms that her first love is engaged to another woman and that she may or may not be responsible for the end of the world. But, lets get to the bottom of some of the different aspects of this rather original story...

Why did you decide to write a fanfic in the first place?
Well, first time I understood the term "fanfic", I thought it was a boring hobby and, frankly, a really unintelligent form of literature. I even had this notion that writing was pretty much a waste of time. It wasn't until I read a few fics years ago here in the wiki. Well, it was mainly to pass time.
However, the more I read, the more I found out the magic of creativity and that through this writing, I can broaden my vocabulary. English is not my native language so I apologize in advance to my readers for some mistakes here and there. XD

Where do you find the time to write?
I'm currently in college. Stress is the only thing that bothers me right now. Although, I'll try my best to write in the weekends where my schedule isn't that heavy.

Is Yue your favourite character?
Yes! I was quite disappointed that Yue didn't became one of the main characters. What a bummer. But, I understand her demise was needed.

What ship do you prefer, Yukka or Sukka? Or any other, for that matter?
Actually, I support both. I'm not so much to shipping even though PYSC shows shipping as its main core. I pretty much will avoid shipping in my next three fanons.

Why did you age up the other characters but leave Yue's ambiguous?
All I can say right now is that the body she's possessing quite has a story itself. Spirits will be heavily involved in this. I will probably deal with this matter on the second fanon.

What is the 'Wedible Universe'?
This 'universe' is my version of what happened after the war. There are a lot of stories in my mind that I want to write and share with all of you. It started, of course, with PYSC. Initially, I haven't thought of making such a grand plan towards making fanons that interconnects each other. It's actually funny 'cause I got this idea after watching The Avengers.
The Wedible Universe will become the, sort of, a vacuum, that contains all of the fanons I will write. This makes all of the stories connected to each other.
As for now, I only have four planned fanons. I may be writing some one-shots to clarify things out if the story becomes too confusing.

What do you think happened to Yue while she was in the Spirit World?
Oh God. I'm deeply sorry to tense things up, but, all will be explained when The Defenders will come out.

Would she be angry with Sokka for getting together with Suki?
Well, her current situation had all been a fast rush. Yue's been in a dilemma that confuse her so much, she doesn't know how she should react to all of the facts that were thrown at her like how Suki's already engaged to Sokka, how she can waterbend, why she's not herself. It's a jargon of problems she has to face and realize.

Is it Yue, or the body she is inhabiting that can waterbend? Or both?
There will be two driving force for the source of her bending. I can't say the second one but her first source would have to be Tui, the Moon Spirit.

Who really is the Spirit of the Mystic? When will we find out their intentions?
In the right time. I can assure my readers that the spirit's identity will be a shock. A really big one.

Why did you take so long to reveal who Yue was to everyone?
I know it's stupid but at first, I didn't knew how to reveal herself. That's why it took me a long time to come up with a story of her revelation.

How do you plan a story?
I write my thoughts on index cards.

Do you ever get writers block? How do you combat it?
Writer's block happens for two reasons. First, you don't know what to write. Second, what you are writing isn't working. We all hit the wall sooner or later. All I do to combat it is that I write a list of ten things that my characters could do next. Then, I look back over what I have written and pinpoint where my story went off track. My best advice against this to just keep on writing and writing.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Well, if there is any out there. XD
There's only five words I can tell ya:
"Watch out for more mysteries."

Why did the Spirit want to break up the Gaang?
The Gaang will be in danger. That's allI can say for now.

How long do you expect this story to go for? (time-wise) Honestly, I'm still not sure. Hopefully, PYSC will finish this year.

Have you had any reviews from the FRS? How did they make you feel about your story?
Yes there was and it only got a rating of 5.8. No, it did not made me lose my faith. I have to admit though that this is my first time writing fan fiction and I'm not a perfect writer. It's a process, you have to keep on writing to improve what you have.

Is there anything you just want to get off your chest about this story?
I love mystery stories. Writing this fanfic releases my passion for it and my willingness to expand my creativity.

This is quite a unique story, and and Yukka/Sukka shippers out there should take a look. I've never read another story like this, and I'm interested to find out how much it expands to fill up all the books planned. This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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