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After a month of ahem, procrastinating and some work, I'm finally back to share the interview I had with Omashu Rocks about his well... there are no adjectives to describe how awesome his fanon, Avatar Brek is. Don't believe me? Well, the recipient of the Best Villain in the Fourth Fanon Awards speaks for it! This is a great fanon of the Avatar after Korra, who must save the world from benders who hate non-benders, an evil Air Nomad and so many political issues, it's hard to keep track! But, enough of my raving, you want to hear from the author!

What inspired you to write a fanon?
When I first visited the Avatar Wiki I saw in the "Recent Changes" a page called Fanon:Avatar: The World's Fate. I had no idea what "fanon" could possibly mean so I clicked it. Turns out this wiki had a whole bunch of articles that were fictional stories about the Avatar world. I read The World's Fate and then Energy Saga and I was then inspired to write my very own. My first, Avatar: The Flaming Stone was a disaster- a complete failure. It literally was the worst thing I've ever written. Because of it's lack of fan support, I decided to move away from "post-war" fanons and write Avatar Brek.

Why was it so short? I mean, I would love to have a sequel to this.
About half-way through I conceived the idea for another fanon, The House of Angkara and I was really excited to get going on that. I'm not 3 chapters through and I've also begun a short series, Political Animals.

How do you feel now it is over?
Bitter-sweet. Like I said, i was really excited to move on to my next fanon adventure, I do occasionally miss writing for the tale of Brek and his friends.

How did you feel when Onjing won the Best Villain title in the Fourth Fanon Awards?
It was pretty unbelievable, given his competition. The fact that he was able to win in a category with amazing villains like "The Leader" and Brother Memmon, both from fanons and authors I hold the upmost respect for, is a great honor for me.

Where did Brek's name come from?
Absolutely nowhere. I think it was Natsu that pointed out that it didn't sound like a name that would be found in the Avatar world. He's probably right. That's why I've based every House of Angkara name off of another language.

Who provided the inspiration for your characters? Their names, actions and personalities, are they based from real life, or your imagination?
Kaeta, the character of the Southern Water Tribe, closely resembled Sokka. I suppose that's where I subconsciously got my inspiration from. Other than that, I didn't really base anyone off of an existing person. My characters in Political Animals are each based off of a real politician.

How did you think of the Isha, and their name? Why did you add a new group of "protectors" to Ba Sing Se? And The Cha Jin De? You just love making up names and groups, huh?
Well, I knew that there had to be some kind of main villain group, and I may have come with the idea of "bender supremacists" found in the Isha before I even heard of the Equalists, I don't remember. That made it convenient to add in that they were a "reaction" to the Equalist movement. I thought it would be pretty cool (and believable) for a group of benders to believe that they are superior and more blessed by the spirits and therefore have the right to kill nonbenders. As for the "protectors," the name Bao Hu Zhe translates literally to the word "protectors" or something like that, and they're pretty much the Neo-Dai li with metal gloves instead of rock gloves. Cha Jin De means "useless" and therefore I thought that would be good slur for the Isha to call the non-benders. That term is hurled at Berani constantly, as she is the only non-bender on Team Avatar.

I noticed you decided to add several conflicts in your fanon. Why did you add the political aspect of democracy versus monarchy?
I think everyone on this wiki knows I'm obsessed with politics, so I had to throw something like that in there. I was also studying various revolutions in Europe in history class at the time, and that may or may not have influenced my writing. That same subject is addressed in Political Animals as the main conflict rather than a side-plot. I always doubted that the Earth Kingdom could return to the old ways of the monarchy after the war.

This will probably be your most asked question, but why did you choose to have the ultimate villain an Air Nomad, typically the ultimate nice guy?
The answer is in your question. I chose an Airbender because they are typically the nice guys. Onjing is a disgrace to Air Nomad culture; he's twisted and the embodiment of pure evil. I like to shake things up.

What are you most proud of?
I'm pretty satisfied that after my first fanon, which had no reader base, Avatar Brek had a good number of fans, a double-fanonbing status, and a Featured Fanon title along with several nominations for the fanon awards and a victory in the Best Villain category.

What problems did you have? Were there any times you though you would have a problem, but it actually came out smoothly?
I really struggled in developing the romantic relationships in the fanon- I detest that. However, it seemed to work out pretty well and I didn't receive any complaints about it...

The ending! Ah, that ending… Did you always want to have a meta-mind-warping ending?
Nope. That was a last minute decision, as in I thought of it after publishing the previous chapter. Believe or not that "mind-warping" thing that you are referring to was partially inspired by an ancient book about geometry called "Flatland."

Did you plan this story from start to finish, or has it changed and adapted as you wrote it?
Well as I touched on last question, I made a lot of spontaneous plot decisions. One chapter, I determined a character's fate (survival or death) with a coin flip. I've learned that that's the harder way to go about writing and so I now plan fanons three to four chapters in advance after writing a detailed outline of the whole series.

What were your inspirations?
I've already mentioned a few, but I'd like to add Energy Saga to the list. I didn't take any plot points from it, but it taught me how to write fanon.

What kind of person do you believe would enjoy this fanon?
I guess people who don't want to read another story about Aang but are still interested in the Avatar.

Do you have anything you want to tell your fans who have read this, and who only just started, like me?
Avatar Brek had some of the greatest fans on the wiki- seriously. I really just wanna thank them.

I think your fans thank you for writing it. A great fanon, unfortunately ended too soon... This is Fruipit, signing off!~

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