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Greetings! It is I, Fruipit, here today interviewing Kyoshidude about his rather interesting series of oneshots entitled My Imago.

This original little series details certain memories and moments of Lo and Li, the Fire Nation twins. It uses highly sophisticated language and interesting motifs to tie them all together. I quite enjoyed reading this little series, and for anyone looking for something a little different, it's absolutely perfect. But, onto the questions!

Why did you write this?
I was deep in writers’ block in terms of both my fanons, so I thought writing some oneshots would help me get the creative juices flowing. I also thought writing oneshots that were interconnected would be fun too.

You explain the title on the mainpage, but would you like to elaborate a little?
Well the word imago means a perception of love unchanged over time. And though things get a bit iffy between Lo and Li, their feelings for each other remain unchanged – the title just fits what I made happen between them.

How do you pronounce it?
It’s ee-mah-go not ­ee-ma-jo.

Will you ever expand on it, perhaps with another chapter or stand-alone one-shot?
I’m thinking I might do another series of interconnected shots but about different characters…but only if I’m in a writers’ block ditch again.

Why did you write this in the first-person perspective?
Most things I write are in third, so it was just a refreshing thing to do. Plus, writing in first person I think allows more emotion to be explored.

Why is each story written from the perspective of someone different?
That’s what I oneshot is right? Oneshots aren’t supposed to be from the perspective of the same person – or else it would just be a fanon. And doing different character voices is very fun.

Which one is your favourite?
My favourite would either be ‘Seafarer’ or ‘The Snow Mouse and the Hawk.’ Seafarer because of the dialogue - adding all the apostrophes was a blast! The Snow Mouse and the Hawk probably because of the emotion - that and I love writing endings. I think giving your characters solid endings is vital in helping grip the audience.

Were there difficult scenes and easy scenes?
The most difficult oneshot to write was ‘Smoothened Salt, Iron Heart.’ Writing from Ursa’s perspective was so hard because I didn’t really know what her character/voice was like.

Why did you end it where you did?
It just went as planned. I wouldn’t know how else to end it.

Do you think you'll write another series of one-shots, but with different characters?
Maybe, maybe still under the theme of ‘my imago.’

You used several different motifs (outlined on the mainpage). Why? And, why did you bring them back in different chapters?
I think motifs make a story thicker and more interesting. Repeating them in chapters I think just made everything magical, and maybe related to the idea of imago; how something remains unchanged over time.

What inspired the sophisticated language?
I was reading a book called ‘Mefisto.’ The writing was very poetic and Elizabethan almost, and I really wanted to try a new style.

Why did you write the first chapter as "The End"?
Haha! I don’t know. It’s deep…? Haha. Nah. I guess it makes sense. Though it was the conclusion, Lo finally coming to terms with what her mother and sister did, it made a way for me to segway into the other oneshots – sort of as if they were flashbacks (not that I consider them flashbacks, but maybe others do). In any way starting with an ending is a good challenge because you have to make a good resolution (or at least ending) but also leave things open for people to want more.

What are your thoughts on this years' Fanon Awards?
It’s gonna be a toughie. The stuff here just keeps getting better and better. So I have no idea what could happen.

So, there you have it! My Imago, by Kyoshidude. Make sure to leave him a comment when you read it! This is Fruipit, signing off~

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