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Welcome, all! Fruipit, back again (very, very, extremely late) with a new interview. This time, I am interviewing Midori about his fanon Avatar Adventures. This is an interesting (and remarkably long) fanon about Korra and a new friend, June. The two get up to all kinds of shenanigans whilst searching for Mako, who has been kidnapped by... Well, I'll let you read that to find out. But, let's get going!

Why did you want to write a fanon?
To bring something new and old to the fanon readers and tie in the theme of Avatar with Korra.

How did you think of the name?
I actually had done all my research on this wonderful website and had the idea from the reading others' fanons and thought how about having adventures around the world with Korra and June!

This is a very long fanon, and you have planned it out far in advance. Will Korra ever find Mako, and how will you continue the story if she does?
Korra is going to find Mako eventually and she will have a to make a decision to make rather important. She will have to choose something important to her, the series will continue into Avatar: The Tales Of Time. The Avatar Adventures will continue with many more books and will continue the search for Mako - but he will make appearances in Book 2 onwards with hints to his location.

Oh, good. Now, as you do plan it far ahead, do you end up changing a lot to fit it, or do you keep it similar to your initial ideas?
I have some co-writers and many editors that help with the creative process, I am always looking for ways to add to my original ideas so it can fit with new ideas. I change things but not a whole lot from the original its better to stick to the original concept as possible.

You do a mixture of 1st and 3rd person writing? Does this confuse you or your readers, constantly changing perspectives?
The reason I do a lot of 1st and 3rd person is because I feel it's right for the character to come through rather than the writer. June talks about the adventures from his perspective rather than a narrative perspective. He tells the story from memory, I feel like it pieces the story together better. I hope that doing this doesn't confuse the readers and it doesn't confuse me.

Only slightly confusing, but once you get into it, it actually makes for very interesting reading! What are you most proud of?
The stories and that they're finally coming together. I'm also most proud of my family that I created, it ties in with the orignal airbending stories. I'm also most proud of June and how much he has evolved.

What can you tell me about all your original characters? Are they based off yourself, or people you know?
All of the characters that I created except for the Lee sisters, I created all of the back stories and the names. I did combine names from the orignal series like Yukoda he is named after Yue and Hakoda, Joo Dee is named after the servant Joo Dee from Aang's travels in Ba Sing Se, and June is named after Jun the bounty hunter in the orignal series. June is based off my own personality, and Yukoda is sorta of like the brother I never had. Yumi is based off the character I always wanted to create. Almost all of the elders are based off people who haved influenced me in my real life, and June's aunts and uncles are based off the large family that I have. Azulon is named after Fire Lord Azulon.

are you planning on having a few romances, especially between June and Korra?
Yes actuall, I know it seems like June has a thing for Korra but you'll just have to wait and find out. Yumi will find love but it may not be with June and or it might be. Romances for Rei and Ryuu will happen along for Asami and Bolin, many other characters will have many happy love interest as well a Joo Dee.

Now, as inveitably happens with an OC withing a fanon with canon characters, we must ask. Who is June? And why did you decide to add your own airbender character related to Tenzin, who is not his child?
June is a child born to 3 of the 4 nations. He is a very serious guy that loves his family and his friends. He is a fun love and rebellious 17 year old that is outgoing and fun loving. I decided to add June as a airbender because I wanted him to be close to his heritage. I also decided to make him Tenzin's nephew over his son because I wanted him to be close to his family and people. Also Tenzin has had June since he was very little and is very close to his uncle. He is practically Tenzin's son but out of respect June calls Tenzin uncle.

Are there any aspects of your characters you would change?
I would not change anything about my characters because much research goes into each character before they are created - they are given a back ground story and history and it has to make sense and fit some where with the story line.

Do you plan on introducing any more?
Yes many more characters are going to be introduced to the whole series and I'm currently looking for many co-writers and editors that can help add to the story.

Who did you write this fanon for?
I wrote this story for myself and all of the people interested in reading it and working on it.

How did you think of the story?
The story was all planed out in advance and was well researched before I even started writing it, I did most of my research on this website and and by watching both series of the avatar franchise. the chapters cover many of the places visited in both series and as well as new places..
I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time for the interview. I'm a theatre major as well a voice actor so I know how this is, interviewing and asking questions. I want this fanon to be great and would love for the readers to know that any help to this fanon would help and I would love it. They can get a hold of me at my page. Thanks again.

No problem! It was an interesting fanon, and I hope it pans out exactly as you want! This is Fruipit, signing off!

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