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Welcome all! This is Fruipit, signing on for her first official Fanon Fact Finder interview! I'm here with Kyoshi, the guy version, author of The Kyoshi Chronicles, a fanon that tells the story of Kyoshi as she grew up, from first discovering she was the Avatar when she was 17, to forming the Dai Li and the Kyoshi Warriors. It is currently incomplete, but what I read of it is absolutely superb. And so, here we go!


What was it that made you decide to write a fanon?

Well, I fell in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender and tried writing a fanon around then, but, I was young and my writing wasn't as sophisticated as it could have been. After watching Korra I decided to start again. And that's how it began. I also love writing.

I read the chapter summaries, as well as the chapters. Did you have to change a lot or a little of the actual chapters to match the summary or vice versa, or did you write exactly what you planned?

Well. I have a detailed plan of all chapters of all five books. And as I go along, I follow the plan. But, everything is open to change. It's still in the early chapters - anything could happen, really.

If anything could happen, how much has changed from your original idea?

When I was writing during A:TLA, I was writing about the next Avatar. But previous Avatars soon became a bigger interest, so you could say those ideas have definitely changed. But like I said before, I planned it before I wrote, so, no, not much has changed.

From your writing, it seems obvious that Kyoshi and the Earth Kingdom are your favourite, but why?

Haha. I wouldn't say the Earth Kingdom (or Earth State) is my favourite. But I was interested in finding out how the Earth Kingdom got to be so massive. And then Kyoshi seemed to fit into that story and I got writing. I think Kyoshi is pretty badass, too.

What inspired you to write about another war only 400 years before the Hundred Year War?

Well. I know the 'big war' story might be overdone. But, again, the war explains how the Earth Kingdom became so big and, this war allowed me to answer the questions I was asking myself. Like, we know nothing about Kyoshi's past. Why? So I took the initiative to answer them through the fanon.

What are you most proud of in this fanon?

My plan, definitely. Haha. I've spent around three months formulating every chapter. And I've seen the characters grow and develop and I've already gotten so attached to them. Hopefully that will transcend through my writing and to the readers too.

Did you have any problems with writing this? What about "The Plan"?

Originally, I was going to write the story for my own fun. And so I wanted it to be like an actual novel, with big chapters. But, when I discovered the fanon portal, it was hard deciding whether or not to shorten the chapter lengths. I'm still figuring out how much I need to write for each chapter, how much detail and so. Maybe, the readers could tell me there thoughts on if I'm putting too much in?


Now, I have quite a few questions about the characters, and I'm very excited to hear the answers. Why Kyoshi?

Kyoshi was the first female Avatar we saw - which really seemed cool, as we were only seeing these caring, motherly female characters on A:TLA and Kyoshi seemed much more badass. I looked her up, and there wasn't much information about her. I craved to know more, and so, wrote my own past about her, starting the fanon.

Well, the character's fantastic. Did you think of them all on your own, or are they inspired by people you know?

Well. I'll admit, Bako is the sort of like Zuko. And I made up the name before I learnt of Bolin and Mako (Bako). And Momzen is similar to Sokka, as he is the comic relief. But I came up with the other characters virtually on my own. I'm trying to keep Kyoshi true to what people already know her as, but also giving her teenage, female traits.

I like your nickname for Kyoshi's gang, the Kyds. When did you decide you needed a name for the group?

Haha! Thanks. It was when I was making my plans. It took too long for me write out all the character names and wanted something clever like Gaang, and so created Kyds. It's nice you noticed it, shows that it sticks.

Of course I noticed! I was wondering, "What the heck is that? A character?" Now, ahh, Kyoshi doesn't have her own animal guide, but there is a shirshu in the Kyds. What made you decide not to have an animal guide specific to the Avatar, at least in the early chapters?

Kyoshi is not ever going to get an animal guide. Why? Well, the Fire State is abundant with dragons, the Air State has sky bison’s and the Water State has...the moon...but the Earth State didn't seem like it'd be abundant with Badgermoles. Also, Badgermoles seemed like they wouldn't possess the pizaz I was looking for.

So, you added a Shirshu?

I always loved the shirshu. They've got great smell and a paralysing tongue. I knew the Kyds would need something to ride on, and the shirshu was big enough. And also wanted a mammal, reptiles aren't my thing. Jin Jin also has personality - which was what I was looking for in an animal guide replacement.

Are there any aspects of your characters that you would like to change? Why?

I'm not too sure yet. It depends on how a write them. I'm thinking of writing a bit more about Kyoshi's internal thoughts and struggles - to make her seem more human and relatable. But for, nothing as of yet.

Where do you see the character goings? Where do you want them to go?

I've got some love coming up in the next book, Book 2: Fire. It's a long way away, I know. As for Book 1, the characters are still getting used to the whole war situation. Kyoshi definitely struggles to be the Avatar. Where do I want them to go? Well, I've got it all figured out. It depends on where the readers want them to go.


What kind of people did you write this fanon for?

Anyone willing to read it! Haha! I think at the same age group as myself (16-20). But, anyone who wants to learn other people's take on the past of the Avatar World.

You have made a massive commitment to this fanon already, and will continue to write the chapters for it. Are you upset that it hasn't got as wide a fan-base as others?

I knew it'd be hard to get some attention. And, I have put a lot of work into this fanon. It'd be nice to get some recognition or some nice comments, but it'll pay off someday. I know it will one day. I'm aiming for a big fan base, and hoping fans will get attached to the characters and craving each chapter. But. I'm going to have to wait.

I doubt you will have to wait too long. Unfortunately, this is the final question. Do you have anything you want to tell your fans out there?

Fans, wherever or whoever you are. If you are trying to write something, a fanon or another story, write something you're passionate about. Something that keeps you up when you're in bed. Something that is always in your head. Part of my attachment to the characters is because of the time I've spent with them, on the computer and in my head at night. And keep at! Thanks for having me.

Hey, no problem! It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed reading The Kyoshi Chronicles! Can't wait for the next fanon. This is your interviewer, signing off!

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