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This is Fruipit, back again to interview another author, this time Kory The Archress about their fanon, The Legend of the Monsters in a Different World (henceforth known as TLotMiaDW). It's pretty much your average crossover, you know, digimon meets avatar. Whatevs. But, it's a pretty good read. Not as boring as I make it sound. If you love digimon, then you will love this fanon. There's even some OC's, which I couldn't tell the difference between them and canon characters... Also, I don't watch/read/listen to/play Digimon. But, I digress... We really must begin. So, without further prévention de l'intrigue, I present to you, one of the most confusing interviews I have ever conducted!

Why did you write this story?
~Well, I love writing in general~

Why did you decide to do a crossover with Avatar and Digimon?
~Digimon is probably my favorite Japanese Anime, and Avatar The Last Airbender is my favorite cartoon show. So it was pretty easy to write.~

For those readers who don't know, myself included, who or what exactly is a digimon?
~Well, Digimon (or Dejimon in some spellings), are essintally Digital Monsters. They exisit in a world called "The Digital World". Digimon can take any shape or form. They range from little bubble creatures (Botamon) to angels (Angemon) and even giant rabbits (Cherubimon). Our main characters are what's known as Digi-Destined(Chosen Children in Japanese original)who are probably the most interesting clasification of Digi-Destined. They use the spirits of The Ten Legendary Warriors (Ten Legendary Warriors) to evolve into Digimons~ The forms are kinda cool too. The weakest form is only taken once in the original Digimon Frontier, it's called the Rookie. It happened when Takuya (Takuya Kanbara) kinda lost faith in himself and returned to The Real World. This form is darn cute. The other forms continue as followed: Human Spirit; Beast Spirit; Fusion Form (Highly unattainable); TransFusion Form (EXTREMELY unattainable); Anceint God Form (This is a darn miracle. And used twice.)~

How much of this story is the same as how you pictured it?
~Well, I imagined this story as kinda the gaang's chance at a bit of a 'normal' life, searching for the strangest things. It's come out pretty closely, but I haven't gotten too far. It can go any way~

Did you have to change it a lot to get to this stage?
~Not really. I write on impulse.~

What are you most proud of in this fanon?
~The third chapter. I normally write ten page long chapters, and this is no exception. The characters are so great when they clash together.~

Did you have any problems writing this?
~When I wrote Sokka's part talking to Bokomon, I meant for there to be a long lecture on Digimon, but that itself was ten pages, so I had to cut it to something shorter.~

Where do you want this story to go? And where do you see it going?
~I want it to go in a direction that will be intriguing for anyone, but I do see it going in a PG-13 direction.~

When are you going to release the next chapter?
~Well, the Fannon that some of the characters come from is being rewritten, so sadly this fannon is far from my mind... I expect by mid or early September.~

You may need to clear something up. How many characters are they, and who are they?
~Ah, I knew this would come up. Well, the Original Characters are from "Digimon Frontier As The World Ends-Book One and Two"and there are only four of them. Ren Luvilia, Lori Inichi, Lily Rouli, and Wesely Luvilia. Then there are the Cannon Characters-Takuya, Zoe, JP, Tommy, Kouichi, and Kouji. Plus Katara, Aang, Zuko, Toph, and Sokka. Then there are some secondaries: Bokomon and Neemon (These two are a duo, You can not get rid of them.), Ty Lee and Suki. Then our villians: From The Digital World, we've got Lucemon, and his master, Perilmon (Who really doesn't appear. She's.... Darn scary.) From The Avatar World, we have Ozai, Zhao, and Hit(REMEMBER HIM???) So, that's... I have no Idea.~

Why did you give your characters voice actors?
~I give my characters Voice Actors because I think they need voices. I choose actors who (1) I really like from their previous acting jobs and (2) fit the Character's voice (i.e. Ren has a darker, calmer, colder voice than a normal girl her age. Janet Varney has those qualities in a quinch)~

Have you changed any characters slightly to fit in with the story better, or have you left them as they where?
~Mostly yes. I realized that most of the character with the same element as an opposite of the other team (I.e Takuya would annoy the crap out of Zuko with his cockiness and goofyness.) I did change Ren's coldness a bit, because it's supposed to take place between Books 1 and 2. That's right when she dances around her room like a lovesick teenager. In book one she's doesn't have emotions.. Er, she doesn't show them. I also changed her brother's emotions too. Because he's got his twin and his mother back, he's a happy go-lucky thirteen-year old. I also portrayed Zuko as a bit.. angsty at the war.~

What kind of person do you think will enjoy it?
~Any person that likes mystery, action, adventure, or romance.~

Do you have anything you want to tell your fans out there?
~Yes. Keep reading!~

There you have it folks! Another interesting, up and coming fanon. If you like Digimon, or crossovers in general, it's well worth a read. This is Fruipit, signing off!

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