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Sup, peeps! I had this done a while ago, but in all fairness, I had to pump out my JoT review. Now today, I'm interviewing ByBray on his pretty epic story, Inheritance. It's a story about Tenzin and Aang, and the relationship the Father and Son have with each other as Tenzin struggles to learn airbending.

This is an original idea. It is, it really is. I've never read a story that has Tenzin unable to bend. It centres wholly and solely on their relationship, featuring other characters (such as Katara and Lin) only when absolutely necessary. This is Bray's first fanfic, and I'm excited for the next chapter, due to be released soon.

What inspired this idea?
As a younger teenager, I didn’t have the best relationship with my father. I wanted to create a world where the main characters are a father and son with tensional ties, and they develop an outlasting bond. Tenzin and Aang fit the roles perfectly, and I began to write.

Why did you want Aang to focus more on Tenzin than any of his other children?
The logic behind my reasoning was that Aang had been waiting for an airbending child of his own, so when Tenzin was born, he became his sole focus. It’s not that Aang is ignoring his other children, but more along the lines that he is captivated in bestowing his culture to his son. And the story merely focuses on Tenzin as well, so we rarely see the others.

Do you believe that Aang really would have treated Tenzin differently because he is an airbender?
In my opinion, he would. Tenzin could end up being the last airbender if something were to happen to Aang, so in my eyes, Aang would attempt to teach Tenzin everything he knows. In Inheritance, Tenzin struggles with understanding and the acceptance of this culture shock, which causes Aang to treat him differently than the norm.

Why do you think it's so difficult for Tenzin to airbend?
From a writer’s perspective, I wanted to give Tenzin something to develop turmoil over. Air is represented as the element of peace, so due to this inner turmoil of not being able to live up to his father’s renowned depiction, Tenzin retains that of the opposite of tranquility. In his case, Tenzin is distraught, which in my view, disallows him to airbend.

His personality as a child is different to his adult personality we see in the show. Is this done on purpose? Is it how you imagined Tenzin would act growing up?
Tenzin is different personality wise, as he is delving through his teenage years, where anything and everything can change his view. In the Legend of Korra, Tenzin constantly puts up a façade of seriousness, but in Inheritance, he doesn’t know what to feel exactly. Throughout the story, he will develop into the character Legend of Korra has painted him as, by going through various situations and life-altering events. And yes, I believe it is in fact how he grew up, because by going through happenings such as these, it will forever mold him into the wiser version of himself.

Will we ever see Katara teach Kya Waterbending?
From the beginning, Inheritance was written to house Tenzin’s view on his life and those around him. I never intended to have a scene specifically set on the others in the story, but because it is through Tenzin’s eyes, it could very well be a possibility.

Will we ever take a look at Tenzin’s relationship with anyone else?
For the lack of a better description, yes we will. As Tenzin is soon to travel across the nations, he will meet a multitude of new people. Will a new love interest arise? No, it won’t. Will he discover newfound friendships? Yes, most definitely.

The idea of Tenzin having visions of his father when he was younger was quite creative. How did you think of that, and is there any significance to the plot?
Thank you for the kind words! When I began the story, I wanted to correlate Aang’s younger years with Tenzin’s, and the visions seemed to allow just that. As to the plot, it allowed Tenzin to see that Aang faced troubled times as well, and that he knew how Tenzin was feeling. These visions are reoccurring when Tenzin faces climactic situations, so they will arise in future publications.

The latest chapter was released almost a month ago - are you planning on releasing any more?
Most definitely. After recently having a review done, I wanted to see how I could improve the plot, mechanics, and things of that nature, so I waited to receive the feedback. Writing will resume immediately, and expect more publications in the near future.

Will we see more romance between Tenzin and Lin?
Indeed we will. Lin and Tenzin only discovered their mutual feelings, and now that the two are divided, it allows time to test their relationship. The romance will return, especially in the later Acts.

How did you think of the name Inheritance?
The name came to me long before I found the wiki, when all I had written was a rough draft of the prologue. The word inheritance is defined as “a valuable possession that is a common heritage from nature.” This testifies Inheritance, as Tenzin is inheriting everything he needs to know from his father, Avatar Aang. So, in a sense, airbending is Tenzin’s inheritance.

How many more chapters do you think there will be?
As of now, there are going to be twelve chapters per Act, as well as three Acts, so I have my work cut out for me. This plan is subject to change, depending on how I want to convey the plot, or the response from readers, which is quite positive for now.

Will there be any external conflict, or is this all about Tenzin becoming an airbender?
External conflict, yes, as well as Tenzin’s struggle with airbending in accompany. The entire plot isn’t going to be about Tenzin developing his skill, but first discovering it, and then honing his airbending. The external conflict will follow.

In your own words, how would you describe your story to someone who hasn't read it or the summary?
Inheritance is a story of Tenzin, and how he learns and stumbles through his younger years. From learning to airbend from his father, Avatar Aang, to discovering aspects of his life, Inheritance is not simply a story about father-son bonds; it is about understanding, self-sacrifice, and love. Written with overflowing emotion and devotion, the story follows Tenzin as he morphs into the person he was destined to be.

I hope you enjoyed that interview! I had a lot of reading to story, and I think anyone interesting in Aang, or Tenzin, or air bending, or the Tenlin/Linzin relationship would love this story. This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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