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Woah, I am on a roll here, aren't I? I'm just sick of having these patient people waiting for interviews, and never, you know, interviewing them. So, here I am, after reading Ty's fanon, Elements of Life in half an hour while watching the Millennium Trilogy (Swedish, of course) and interspersed games of Temple Run 2™, I am ready to interview him! Hooray!

Now, Elements of Life is a quirky collection of one-shots, starring members of Team Avatar, and Team Avatar 2.0, and covers a range of genres, from Romance to Humour, a couple of cute Hurt/Comfort moments, and general friendship all around. One of the best collection of oneshots I've read, this fanon deserves its fanonbending nomination. But you don't want to hear me waffle on - you want some insight into the story. Well, here you go!

Of course, the typical first question; why did you write this?
I wrote Elements of Life because I'd read a ton of other fanons on and the wiki, so I wanted to take a crack at writing my own. I didn't want to jump into a huge planned fanon because I didn't know if I was good enough. I thought a series of one-shots would allow me the freedom and flexibility to test my skills as a fictional writer.

Where did you get each idea from?
I got my ideas from a ton of my own memories and experiences, both recent and in the past. Each One-shot was inspired from real life. That's a lot of examples, so I'll list a few prominent ones. "Happiness," the story of the Dai Li Agent and the girl named Faith, was inspired by the opening scene of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The story "Rumination," about Aang, Sokka, and Zuko having a bro-camping trip, was inspired by the first night of summer 2012 when my friends and I lit a bonfire. Finally, "Determination," the chapter of Mako's early morning run and firebending training is inspired by my track practices.

Did you have a favourite one-shot to write?
My favorite to write was "Euphoria" because I got to tie together every together and detail all the emotions of the last scene. I, personally, always felt an indescribable sense of happiness because the beloved Team Avatar triumped and found peace, but I also felt sad because the story ended. I loved writing their inner thoughts and expanding the mood of what I thought was the most beautiful scene of the entire show.

Why did you add quotations to the beginning of each chapter?
I added quotes, first of all, because I thought it would be pretty cool, and, second of all, because those quotes are some of my favorites.

Where did you get each quotation from?
I remember each quotation from real life, people bringing them up at some point in time. One was from Lord of the Rings, and another was from Winston Churchill.

Why did you only release 10 chapters?
When I reread "Euphoria," I realized it tied together everything neatly and efficiently. I thought it proved to be a perfect ending, and at the time I felt I told the story I wanted to tell. I never planned on writing an all-out one-shot saga or anything like that. Basically, I felt it was time to end Elements of Life with 10 chapters.

Was this your first shot at writing?
Elements of Life was my first time trying any type of fictional writing. Before this, I just did essays and articles for school.

Are you planning on writing anything else?
I actually have been planning a pretty big idea for a long time. It's part of the reason I ended Elements of Life in the first place. I've had a lot of time to really flesh out my idea and plan my plot. It's going to be an indepth fanon with original characters and a serial plot. I think my practice with writing different types of characters and genres in Elements of Life has prepared me to write my next idea. I'm not going to give anything away, but I'm extremely excited and optmistic, and I can't wait to start writing again!

Have you plans to continue any of the one-shots that you wrote?
Nope! Each was it's own idea, and I never really thought of continuing any of them.

How did you plan these?
Usually, I just did a brainstorm of characters or events I wanted to portray, or I wrote down ideas as they popped up on a daily basis. Then, I took my best ideas and tried to expand them and see where they could go. Most of the time, I used the deeper or edgier ideas that pertained to real life.

Did you plan when you were going to release each chapter?
Nope! The great thing about writing a series of one-shots was the freedom to write what I wanted when I wanted. I released chapters when I felt like it because I wrote when I felt like it.

Were some easier to write than others? Which ones?
Well, I can't really say which ones were easier, but I can say which one was the hardest. I had a tough time writing "Compassion" for a couple of reasons. First of all, I had never written a story with only female characters. I, like many people, find it hard to understand the female mind and all its complexities XD But honestly, it wasn't easy to write two females as the only characters; I'm not really sure why. Second of all, I had to create my own vision of Asami's mother as well as her personality and relationship to her young daughter. I also had to refer to her without her actual name, so I often had to find ways not to repeat certain pronouns. Finally, I wrote "Compassion" by candlelight during the blackout caused by hurricane Sandy.

This has been nominated for a fanonbending award; how did you feel when you were told?
I felt kind of odd, actually. At that point I had been pretty "un-recognized" so I felt like I was getting nice recognition. I always thank Humble for being the first to nominate me.

Do you have any words for aspiring one-shot writers out there?
Write what you love and don't pay attention to what others think. Words carry so much meaning and power, so if you have the gift don't be afraid to use it. You have no idea how far you can go.

What about to your fans?
Stay tuned for May and June ;)

There you have it, folks! I know I can't wait for his next project, and he definitely deserves the fanonbending award. Take a read, and if you like it don't forget to tell him and give him a nomination on the fanonbending page. This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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