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Fruipit here, not as late as last time (less than a month), to interview Sokka jr and Henryjh98 about their brand-spanking-new fanon, Burning Air. It's a before-the-war-but-after-Aang-left kind of fanon, with a brand new kind of secret weapon. Very original. Anyone who loves more information on the Air Nomads will love this one. Original characters, coupled with new and intriguing ideas make this one a worthy read.

Question: Why did you decide to create an Air Nomad Genocide Fanon?
Henryjh98: Well, I really didn't make the idea. Sokka jr came to me and asked me to help him with one, and then we collaborated from there. :)
Sokka jr: Well I have been fascinated with the Air Nomad's since watching The Storm. I've always wanted to know about their last days, and if any survived other than Aang. When I joined the wiki, I decided that I would take a shot a fanon writing, and the first topic that came to mind was the Air Nomad Genocide. I think Bryke left alot of unanswered questions, and our goal is to try to fill in the gaps, without drifting too far away from canon.

Q. How did you think of the name?
H: We came up with it over email, but I was pondering and thought, "Hey, this is a good title, Burning Air!" We agreed on it because it showed the representation between Kyfu and Hikaze, and airbender and a firebender.
S: Well Henry and I did alot of brainstorming over email after I pitched the idea. Henry, thought since the story follows a firebender, and a airbender, why not mix the two elements in the title. I thought it was brilliant when he proposed "Burning Air", and it literally represented the genocide, and our two main characters.

Q. Does the name "Kyfu" have any significance?
H: Kyfu is derived from Kyofu, which means "strong winds" in Japanese. I commented that it sounded too girly, and Sokka jr suggested we call him Kyfu and there Kyfu was born.
S: Henry actually came up with the name. He found the word Kyofu, which is japanese for strong wind. However I thought that Kyofu sounded too feminine so we agreed on Kyfu. You'll find out more of why he was named Kyfu as the story progresses.

Q. Why did you choose to add in a Master State? Could you elaborate on its purpose and effect a little?
H: Sokka jr really came up with the Master State. For those of you who don't know (and those who do XD), it is a state of bending in which the bender experiences extreme powers, much like the Avatar State. However, it is only limited to one element. The Master Bender, as the user is called, is born into the same nation as the current Avatar, and will die around the same time as the current Avatar. But the Master State user can die long before the Avatar. So, does that help at all?
S: Well when we were working on the storyline for Burning Air, we needed something that would allow us to explain why Kyfu recieved all his tattoes early, similar to Aang. The idea actually came to me when I was watching Roku explain the Avatar State to Aang, in The Avatar State. I thought that maybe the Master State would be close to canon, and would add a great twist to the story. The Master Bender as we call it, is the most powerful bender of their native element. Every nation has one, and all four are born around the same time as each other. Similar to the Avatar they can master Avatar Level bending abilities, and enter Master State. Rather the eyes glowing, a colored aurora forms around the bender, light blue for air, blue for water, green for earth, and red for fire. Also, the last Avatar from that bender's nation is their mentor, similar to how Roku was Aang's Mentor. We can't reveal too much about it at the moment without giving away some of the plot for Book Two, but you will definetely want to find out what one Fully Realized Master Bender can do :).

Q. How did you develop the character of Hikaze?
H: Sokka jr really came up with the meat of the plot and he had plans for a Fire Nation spy. We named him Hikaze, shot for "Hi no Kaze" which means "Fire wind" In Japanese. We developed him by giving him more character, and likable qualities, but also extreme loyalty to those he serves. Hikaze is very fierce, and talented bender, and a great warrior. But he is also kind and compassionate, unlike Sozin. He was adopted by Sozin (spoiler alert, but he will meet Kyfu soon and maybe change a little bit. And that's how we made Hikaze.
S:Well I came up with an idea that Sozin would want to eliminate just the Avatar, so he would need his best solider to infiltrate the Air Nation. And whats cooler than having a spy. Hikaze allows us to have lots of freedom when it comes to writing. We did alot of brainstorming on his backstory which you'll find out about in the next chapter. We also wanted him to have a name significant to the story, so Henry came up with "Hi no Kaze" meaning "Fire Wind", but we thought Hikaze sounded much cooler. We developed him by writing a deep backstory, and qualities that every loyal solider has. Hikaze is one of the best firebenders in the army, and a fierce warrior. Unlike Sozin, he still has some compassion deep down inside, which we've already seen when he was with Sister Yoi.

Q. Were the OC's based on people you know, or a mutual idea of what traits you wanted them to have?
H: Honestly, I really do not know the answer to that question. When I make characters, I occasionally base them off others and myself, but I don't believe I did so this time. *scratches head* I don't think so at least. It was a long time ago.
S: Well when we came up with Kyfu's character I wanted him to be a cross between Aang and Sokka. Kyfu has Aang's skill, but Sokka's drive to win, even if it means going against his own principles. I based Hikaze's character off of Darth Vader in Star Wars. Darth Vader experienced a rough childhood, and his heart was harden with his time under the emperor. Hikaze is fierce, and extremely loyal to his superiors. He was brought up under a watchful eye, and trained to have no remorse. In light of all that he still has some compassion left. But will Hikaze still be able to change in time?

Q. How do you think the FRS reviews have helped you?
H: Well, Mage's review helped a ton, and we are going to completely "remaster" Burning Air once Book One is complete. You'll see more about it below. :)
S:Mage's review gave us better insight to our fanon, by giving a outside opinion. And we are definitely going to take his advice. Henry and I have decided to "remaster" Book One, and change some of our plans for Books Two and Three. Thanks again Mage for your advice :)

Q. Why did you decide to have an interview?
H: Why not? It's a great way to make it more interactive for the readers. It lets them see the backstage, the set, the making of the story. :P
S:Interviews are a great tool to for both the readers and authors. For the readers it gives more insight into the story. At the same time it helps the authors know what we need to do to turn a great fanon, into an awesome one. :)

Q. Who thought of the initial idea?
H: Sokka jr. He came up with the basic plot and initial idea. I just make it more juicy XD
S: I came up with the initial idea right after I joined the wiki, but I don't have that much creative writing experience. So I decided to ask Henry for his help. I'm a big fan of Avatar: The Sole Woodbender, and thought out of all people, Henry could help make Burning Air a success.

Q. Why did you both choose to write it together?
H: Sokka jr was new to the wiki at this time; in fact, he had only been on for 17 days! So he wanted some help writing his new fanon and I agreed! Made my life more interesting, definitely!
S: I had only been a member for like 2 1/2 weeks and I had no clue how to start, or even write a fanon. I had already gotten to know Henry, and had been reading A:TSW, so why not ask him for help. Its always important to work with people who you get along with, and we get along great. He's a pleasure to work with, and we always have great conversations on how we can make the story better. :)

Q. The genre states that it is "adventure". Do you plan on having Kyfu travel between the different Air Temples as the war progresses?
H: Ooh, that's hard to say without ruining some stuff. You'll see if you keep reading! So don't abandon our air that is on fire! Keep watching!
S: Mhm. . . I'm not sure that we can reveal that now. I can say that Kyfu will definitely go on an adventure, to a familiar location. You'll have to keep reading to find out. ;)

Q. How did you feel when you were nominated for Fanonbending?
H: Honestly, I wasn't that surprised. I'd already been nominated for ATSW and the reception for Burning Air was really good! I was excited and happy of course, and I can't wait till I achieve double fanonbending! (Yes, that's a threat! XD)

S: I was excited, I had only been a user for a short period of time, and my first fanon had already been nominated for Fanonbending. I was very happy, and very thankful to Herny, since this wouldn't have been possible without him.

Q. What are the future plans for this story?
H: If I tell you, I'd have to kill you! :P The plans, as soon as book one is finished (3 chapters left), is to "remaster" Burning Air and go back and make the story deeper. We will introduce more characters, make the chapters longer, make the characters more deep, and overall make it more magical! So, fans, you'll have to go back and re-read the story if you want Book Two to make any sense!
S: Well once we finish Book One, we are going to go back and "remaster" all of the chapters. We want the readers to be engaged, and we feel that we need to make the story deeper. We aren't going to change what has already happen, rather add on more detail to make the story deeper, and add more character development. So to our fans, you'll have to check in on our News and Updates page to find out when the "Remastered" edition will be released. Book Two will also be better in every aspect compared to Book One. Book One was the introduction to the story and characters. With Book Two we will dig deeper into the Master State, and some key points in the story will definitely catch our fans off guard.

H: Thanks, Frui, for the interview! It was a lot of fun!
S: Thanks again Fruit for the interview, and it was fun answering all the questions. See you around the wiki.
I had fun too, interviewing a co-authored fanon - interesting! So there you have it, a little more info from one of the fanon portals most up-and-coming fanons. This is Fruipit, signing off!

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