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Today, I'm interviewing Jtwin1's fanon, Avatar: Neo Revolution. It's an interesting fanon, set several avatars after Korra, in a world where being the Avatar is feared, and the world has lost all touch with spirituality. Let's get into it!

You are very eloquent in your writing. Where did you learn to write with such grace?
Thanks! That is such a great thing to hear. I suppose I just learnt how to write in English class - you know, literary techniques and what not. I also read Jane Eyre this year, and I loved the writing style so I tried to emmulate Bronte's eloquence. I also aim at making speech realistic.

Where did the name of the fanon come from?
It's a pretty horrible name. I don't like it at all. The neo part just sounded kind of futuristic which was what I was going for I guess... It's still very much a working title hehe..

You seem to have a very complex world, completely different from any I've ever read. What inspired this fanon?
Thanks again for the compliment! :'D I've always loved Avatar, and I tried to appropriate A:TLA into a present day setting but that didn't work out. The story grew from ideas that occur later in the series. Me and my friend were 'under the influence' and were joking about some conspiracy theories/crazy new Avatar world. It was mostly just us being silly and coming up with ludicrous ideas but I got into it, and later started developing this fanon. Characters and settings are also somewhat based off Steamboy and Fullmetal Alchemist.

The main characters, Eric, Dover and Sedgley. Where did their names come from?
I suppose they just sounded nice.. hehe sorry for the bad response. The name Dover has some connection to water I think.

Are their personalities based off anyone you know?
While coming up with our silly ideas, me and my friend tried to involve ourselves into the new world. My friend and I both wanted to be the Avatar and that's where the story came from. My brother 'was' Erik.

Who is Anurna and what is her role in the story?
Again, these ideas surfaced in our warped imaginings. Also, I wanted to really highlight how the world has become detached from spirituality - this theme become a major one later on. She has travelled the world and has many, albeit dodgy, connections over the place that can come in handy to the gang or can relay some interesting information about things.
She is someone who they meet along the way that plays an important role in the events of the story. We will learn more about her near the end of the book 1 and in book 2. For now I like to keep an air of mystery surrounding 'The Firebender'.

This is a very dark fanon. Why did you choose to add in elements of suicide, and rather horrific ideas of potential homocide?
Again, these ideas surfaced in our warped imaginings. Also, I wanted to really highlight how the world has become detached from spirituality - this theme become a major one later on.

Where did the idea for the Clandestines come from?
7) The name came from kyoshidude (thanks for letting me use it). He told me it means liars, and I could relate that to falseness (away from spirituality).</span>

They seem to be not only non-benders, but also made up of fire, water and earthbenders. Why is that?
Yes they do consist of non-benders and many other benders. I did this just to make them more powerful and a 'baddy' that could do lots of different things.

Biggest question. Why do they hate the Avatar?
They hate the Avatar because they seek dominance over the world. With the Avatar out of the picture, they can easily fulfill their aims. Hence, by understanding the Avatar cycle, they can estimate who may be the Avatar and destroy or detain them (hence orphaned waterbenders)

So we ever meet Ju-Dee again?
Ju-dee...! I have never actually thought about that. Interesting thought... Maybe you have given me a thought...

When will the audience find out who is that Avatar?
At the end of Book One...! Suspenseful I guess..

Do we find out what happened to the airbenders? Did they prosper, or are there still very few of them?
To answer your question, Yes. Airbenders are around. Though there are less than the other three. And they have prospered in other respects too... ;)

How has fan support affected the story?
Fan support? I haven't got many responses to the fanon yet, but that's fine seeing as it is still in development. I will continue to write it despite the little recognition, but I have probably slowed to little fan responses. But I'm sure once I write more there will at least be a smidgen of more fan support. SUBGRIBE?

Do you collaborate with anyone to write each chapter?
Nope. All byyyy myyyself!!! But kyoshidude and I chat sometimes about our fanons

How many chapters do you expect to write?
Well, I have planned two books, each with 22 chapters. But I plan on writing 4-5 books... DAMN that's a lot of writing I just realised...!

Well, there you have it! I suggest you all start reading this, ASAP! This is Fruipit, signing off~

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