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Messing with the Clouds

Howdy, all! Fruipit here, chatting with TheSecondLastAirbender about her first fanfic, Messing with the Clouds. If you couldn't already guess, it's a lovely little Kataang story, however it's destined to grow into something so much bigger.

While it only has a few chapters out at the moment (is nine a few?), the author claims it to be the "story of Aang and Katara as a couple". Will she achieve it? Let's find out!


Now, first of all, how's it going?
AHH it's fine! School, life, and whatnot.

Now, right off the bat, I noticed a rather pleasant writing style; is this the first story you've ever written, fanfiction or otherwise?
Pleasant writing style? Haha! Yes, It might as well is! This is the first fanfiction that I've written and published online! The others I've more or less have failed *tragically* Haha!

I noticed that most of the chapter names were all featured in the story somewhere. Was this done on purpose? Did you choose the name of the chapter first, or did you pick them at the end?
Yeah! It's done on purpose! So the readers can know what to expect when I update the 'Updates' page beforehand. I always (most of the time) compose two chapters or so first, come up with the name of the chapter later. So I can plan out whether I need to insert more chapters in between.

When can we expect the next chapter?
Oh! I've already done two more chapters already, but I haven't found the time to upload them yet! I've already updated them on other social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram. But after Monkey Feathers!, it's another bonus chapter, where Aang visits a very memorable and special place, a place where he visited somewhere in Book One!

The name of this story is a reference to "The Fortuneteller", obviously, but are there any deeper meanings to it? Why did you choose that name?
Yeah. Indeed it's related to the 'The Fortuneteller' episode. I felt that since many people are calling their children the 'cloudbabies' I might as well do something related to the clouds! And 'The Fortuneteller' is one of the very best Kataang episodes there is where Katara starts to realize that perhaps her destiny is romantically intertwined with Aang's.

Why do you ship Katara and Aang? At what moment did you just look at them and know that they were meant to be together, at least in your eyes (the millions of Zutarans would disagree).
Kataang moments ahh! There's so many! But truly the first moment I feel my love and hope for their romance was during well, *predictably* 'The Fortuneteller'! At the moment where Aang stands on the earth wall, and the camera pans Katara's face from nonchalance to realization, it really and truly was the start of my shipping! But I do care about the feelings of the other Zutarians, it's really sad how your OTPs (one true pair) is not canon, and it's really sad and depressing. So I hope we Kataangers can maintain a healthy relationship with the Zutarians and not worsen the 'shipping war'. We're all Avatards, we watch and love this show altogether, there's no reason to fight with each other, it's just bringing the fandom down!

How do you feel about other ships?
I'm okay with all the ATLA ships, even JunexIroh is fine with me! Haha! But I really am starting to *dislike* the ships in LOK, its all too saddening and confusing, (especially the love triangle).

What inspired you to write this story?
I was just thinking that I was contributing nothing to the fandom, AT ALL. So I decided to write this and take this chance to revive my Avatar Wiki account!

You were releasing one chapter almost daily there - what happened?
Life, writer's block and laziness caught up with me. I couldn't find the time and the inspiration and motivation to actually type over 500 words on my computer.

Do you have any other fanfiction plans?
Not at the moment! My other OTP is Makorra, but I've no plans for it, maybe after seeing what happens after Book 4 of LOK, because I hate to see my fanfiction go 'uncanon', I would really hate myself for not actually expecting the possible twists in the plot, I know it seems childish but...

How did you come up with the design of Katara's necklace?
This made me recall, I was really inspired by [[User:PSUAvatar14|PSUAvatar14's Engagements! Maybe he was the inspiration behind my story! Oh, and the necklace design in the story was really good! I was really inspired by his precise and perfect description and his simplicity of 3 chapters for each ship!

Why did you let her find it first?
Actually I have no idea! I just thought things would be more interesting and I was feeling a bit playful! Maybe I will find a chance to slip in that afterwards.

The images you've used are sometimes rather humorous when compared with the actual content of the chapters (such as Monkey Feathers!). How did you choose each image?
I just chose something that might apply, like for Monkey Feathers!, it might be Aang's dazed reaction when he saw Katara take the necklace.

How many chapters will there be for this story? Judging by the plot you've put up on the mainpage, and the number of chapters released so far, there will be many more, yes?
Probably uncountable at the moment. And yes. Many many more. But the time constraint possibly would take me years to finish haha!

Do you have a plan?
For the fanfic? I'll just try to squeeze time in between to write!

Are you ever plagued by writers block? How do you get rid of/avoid it?
The writer's block, I don't have any cure for it, I feel really really frustrated when I have the writer's block, and over the long run, I lose interest.

Will we see the other characters? You've already introduced Sokka and Suki as almost-main-characters. What about the rest of the gaang?
OHH, probably Zuko and Toph would appear more in future! But I don't think I can find a space for Mai though. Sadly.

What do you want to say to any fans/lurkers out there, who are waiting so patiently for the next chapter?
Fans? Really? Haha! Well, I hope that I'll depend on the though of you guys waiting, I will motivate myself to write more! But please do understand! :)


Anyone looking for an active Kataang fanon would be silly to pass up this story. With a firm base already laid out, it's quite easy (and rather fun) to just get sucked into the shippy mess of fandom romanticism! This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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