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Howdy, y'all! Fruipy-loops here, back from trekking though the Gates of Oblivion and trying on steampunk-inspired dresses to bring you another interview! Wooh!! *waves hands in the air* Today, I managed to catch up with Snivystorm, the first user I've seen in a long while to begin an 'after-the-war' style fanon. This story, Avatar: Cosmic Energy, relies heavily on the characters, so anyone who prefers the people to drive the story, and not the story to drive the people should really consider reading this.

This story plays on the idea that energybending is known to people other than Aang and the lion turtle, and how they use it to exact revenge on a 'mongrel coward' Avatar. I've certainly never read anything like it, and it was an interesting experience. But, I digress - you're here for some insight!

Hey Snivystorm! How are you?
Hey Fruipit, I'm doing great. I can't wait to get this interview going.

Why did you decide to write a fan-fic?
I decided to write a fan-fic for a number of reasons actually. One I really love writing and when it came to me the thought of writing a Fanon of Avatar I knew I would have to do it. I wouldn't call it a dream but it is definitely something I want to do and now I'm doing it! Also, I began to struggle in writing stories in school so my teacher talked to me into practising at home causing me, by magic, to link the two together and now I'm writing a Fanon!

Why this plot? Specifically the "after the war" style?
Hmm, now I chose this really because of the setting. There's no way what happens in my Fanon would happen in the setting of summer where they are all wondering around Aang learning firebending and the others trying to create bonds etc. it just wouldn't feel right.

What's this story about, in one sentence?
One sentence. That's hard to do. Oh how to do this, I know. This story is about friendships being tested, a bond to be mended and to find your inner self even when your family are too shrouded by hatred and anger to see it. Hope that covers it.

Why is the name "Cosmic Energy", and not something more like the "Energybenders", which this story is focussing on?
I thought of that, at first, but it was too plain and, to me, boring I wanted to grasp the readers attention make them want to read. Also it links into a secret point in the plot but you'll have to keep reading the story to find at out.

Who is your favourite character to write?
Definitely Shao. Has to be. Simply because he is a dark and broken character. Sadly my fan and lurkers will have no idea what I mean but they will soon. He's just a complex character that has so many things happening to him. That's also why I made him the main character in the companion Fanon "The Hidden Stories Of Shao"

How has Mage's review helped this story?
It has helped it considerably. I can see the weak points clearly now. I was worried about Toph's character as well. I took a big risk changing her to suit this idea she was shrivelled and smashed in a little girl again. I just knew I made the wrong choice any I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mage for making me accept it. Thanks Mage!

Has it helped you as an author, do you think?
Definitely, I can see that my action writing is repetitive and my creativity needs to be fixed which, I hope, I have done with the never before done idea I've drafted into the story (third time I've changed the overall plot!).

Do you have plans to continue writing to continue writing even after this story is finished?
Once I've finished "Cosmic Energy" I'll be moving on to "The Hidden Stories Of Shao". Once done with that, I will most likely still be editing EarthAvatar5's Fanon and working on a Fanon with AvatarWriter but after that...well... I guess we'll wait and see.

What are you most proud of? What are you least proud of?
Fanon wise, I'm most proud of my creation of Shao, least proud of not being able to convey Toph for how she really is.

What is the "Hidden stories of Shao"?
Glad you asked. It is a companion piece to go with "Cosmic Energy". It delves deeper into the Quinn family and what they were like during the final five years of the war and how they joined the Energybenders and how this made Shao hate the Avatar even though he once lived in hope of there return like his brother did. But I can't delve any further without releasing major spoilers so my lips are sealed on that now.

How did you come up with the names of the OC's like Jostin and the Quinn family?
Jostin I "borrowed" from a tv show called iCarly. In one of the episodes my brother was watching, there was a tall muscular women called Jostin, who was a senior. She was picking on a little boy by hanging him from his ankles with her cronies watching. With that in mind, when I came to write chapter four and I had Toph being picked on by a girl bully, it reminded me of Jostin and thus "Jostin"was born.

The Quinn family I got from my head teacher who is called Mr. Quinn who is extremely strict and has a very intimidating (to me and my friends at least). Then his brother came in and he was almost the complete opposite tall, slender and more light hearted so I based Mar and Mr. Quinn on them and so e Quinn family created.

Was that a Doctor who reference I read in chapter two as the criminal was being interrogated?
Yes it was :D I just had too. They were so similar a bad guy talking to the main character with a big event about to happen and the bad guy slyly warning them for fun. I just had too.

Why is Sokka having nightmares? Will we find out later in the story?
Oh I don't know what to say here. If I say too much I will spoil his character plot. He is having nightmares because of the what happened on the blimp. In my world he secretly saw a figure starring at Aang and Ozai battling and- no, no. I will say no more.

Does Toph still have feelings for Sokka?
Yes and no. She would like to share her feelings but is kind of on and off. She will love him one time then he'll do something causing her to hate him. It's that kind of thing.

You listed Romance as a genre; will that be prevalent throughout the whole story, or is it only a minor theme?
It does have a couple more shining moments like it did in chapter 3 but it is the least important of the genres.

Sokka is still dating Suki; will she play a large role in the story at a later time?
I really wanted to give her a bigger role but I really don't understand her character. I watched all of her episodes but I don't fell I can make her relationship with Sokka shine so I'm sorry to say that she will play a minor role.

What inspired/motivates you to write this story?
To improve my writing, find out how good I am at writing, to show all my fellow wikians my own interpretation of Aang meeting Wan (quite a recent motive that one) and to prove to myself that I can write. Enough said.

Do you read a lot of fan fiction? What are your favourites? (If not, what are your favourite books?)
I don't read any fan fiction regarding anything but Avatar. I have The Gaang Watches The Legend of Korra currently reading Air and Inheritance. My favourite of the three is Inheritance but I do love Air it is just that I can relate to ByByay's fic more because a similar thing has happened with me and my dad.

I know you said "if" but I'm saying anyways. I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. I've read every single book at least three times and watched all the films, I just can't get tired of it, if only J.K had wrote more.

You're a reasonably new author to the wiki; have you been writing long in general? What do you find to be the hardest part about writing?
In school I write a lot because of English. I don't write a lot outside of school but I have done short stories but I won't bore you about that.

I feel that the hardest part of writing is word choice. Believe me when I say this but I do read a lot but I can never find enough words which sadly rubs off in all my writing. I will become repetitive at times like constantly using "but" and "and" etc. I do overcome it, but it's definitely the hardest especially in an exam

If there anything you wish you had known before you started out?
Started out writing? Well, I wish I had known more about character development because that has always been my weak point so I wish I had known more about that when I started writing. I still don't know enough about it now.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans or lurkers?
Not much really, just be patient and expect something that has never been done before. Yep that's all I got to say.

Thanks, Snivystorm! Like I said above, anyone who likes the sound of this fanon should definitely give it a try, even if it's not what you normally read (like me! ^^"). This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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