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Avatar: New Universe

Fruipit here, chatting with Gingalover about his story, Avatar: New Universe. It's one of the most elaborate crossovers here on the wiki, and the amount of time and effort he has put into it is just phenomenal.

New Universe is a crossover starring all of the Aang Gaang, plus a few more faces that some may recognise, some may not. Gingalover has an interesting way of telling his story, and never falls short with the secrets and cliffhangers. At just over fifty chapters, it took me a while to read, but here we are, finally, with the interview!

From an interviewer to an author...

How are you?
--Just fine thank you :)

What inspired you to write this story?
--that's a funny story actually. You see I have an account on deviantart, and at one point I posted a ATLA and TT, ginga style (that dog anime I mixed with) and I guess it sprouted from there.

Do you have any favourite stories on the wiki or off?
--Well I didn't exactly check any other stories here besides my own, but there are plenty of interesting ones honestly.

I take it Avatar isn't your only love?
--Your on the ball there. I love a ton of anime shows (if this one was counted X3), and plenty of shows that have a lot of creativity.

Did you mean for this story to continue in New Universe II? Or did you originally write it to be only one series?
--Well yes, it was only began as one series, but more ideas kept coming and I just had to continue.

Why did you discontinue New Universe III?
--I discontinued it mainly cuz I can't focus on it too well. But who knows, maybe I'll go back to it ;)

How much time did you spend thinking up a story of this magnitude?
--Well as crazy as it sounds, I think while working (making it up as I go) so I don't spend too much time thinking on it.

Who is your favourite character?
--Smile Dog and Ghost :D

Who was the hardest to characterise?
--IDK really ^^;

I don't know all the fandoms you used; are there any original characters?
--From avatar? Yes of course. The main cast of avatar: the last Airbender play a role in it. In ANU2, the freedom fighters also join in.

Why do you like writing? You have a number of stories on the wiki.
--So you saw my other stories :D It's a great and easy way to express creativity to a large level.

Do you ever get writer's block? How do you overcome that?
--More then I like... I just wait til it blows over.

How do you feel about the world you built within this story?
--I feel like i reached a milestone for that :D.

What is Altonia, to those who don't know?
--Altonia is a crossover world, basically where other worlds are mixed together and form something new (explaining the multiple franchises present).

Who are the 'Teen Titans'? What kind of powers do they have, and why?
--Teen Titans is a group of teenage super heroes from DC comics :)

Is there a reason that the Gaang can bend outside of their world? Is Altonia the Titan's world? If not, how do they use their powers?
--I didn't think of that. I guess because it something they possess ^^;

Why did you have different 'arcs'?
--To add different plot lines to a different set of chapters. Pretty handy I say.

Did you ever get confused when writing this?
--Well kind of. I had trouble trying to know where to go but it doesn't last too long.

How do you keep track of all the characters? Actually... how many characters are there in total, including the bad guys?
--To tell you the truth I lost track. Over 50 I'll tell ya that much XD. Well most character only appear for awhile so there isn't much to worry over.

Was there a character that was easier to write than others? Why/why not?
--Not really, all my characters are brought out the same, mainly write what they do in said chapter.

You've written a lot, as I've noted. How do you think your writing has improved?
--I think it improved on details just a bit :)

Will you keep writing on the wiki?
--HECK YEAH! I love this place!

Is there anything you want to say to any fans/lurkers out there?
--Sure. Guys? Let your creativity shine! Show the writers what you can do ;)


It was a pleasure thinking up these questions, and anyone who has dabbled in the numerous shows that influence this story would be crazy not to give it a go! I hope you had as much fun reading this interview as I had writing it. This is Fruipit, signing off~!

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