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Fruipit July 23, 2012 User blog:Fruipit

Ahh! I finished chapter two, but am in desperate need of a beta-reader? Please, anyone? I don't want to upload this chapter until I can get someone to read it!

Ahh, hell, I'll upload it, and then adjust is as necessary. Aww, this is like talking to my shrink! Ahem... I mean... A shrink. Not mine, why would I have one... Anywho

So, I've asked the writers of the WLS to put an add in for my fanon, and uh... look forward to the next chapter!

Ps. I have another idea for a fanon, too. But, I want to get at least some kind of story going before I give up on it....

PSS. My first, official FFF interview is due tomorrow! Look out for it!

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