Alrighty-o, there a few things on the agenda to talk about today, the first being me. I have Rollback rights!!! Oh, glorious day! Now, I'm not very good at using them, though. But I am happy. Go me :) Also, I managed to make a signature. I'm very proud, see? Frui (🌹🐝🐝🐝)Yes check Done

Numero dos: Fanon Fact Finders and Fanon Illustrator Insignia. Now, I have applied for these two, and have to conduct an interview for the first. So, I'm not in yet. But I will be >:D No check Not done

Finally, this is regarding my Fanon. Now, those that read it may have noticed that I changed the name, from The Legend of Amon to The Legend of Aten. I did this for a very specific reason. I am writing the next part. It won't be part of the same fanon. The Legend of Aten tells the actual story of his childhood, what lead up to him being Amon. He isn't Amon yet. We are going to meet a new character, and this one will be about the Teenage years of our anti-protagonist. This will be a three parter. He is older now, he understrands more, but not himself. I haven't thought of a name, but it won't be the Legend of Amon. That will be the third one. So, I need a name. You guys know the gist of it, put your own imaginations to the test! No check Not done

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