This blog will probably stir the attention of no one, but I think it is important as it raises a central problem to at least anyone who wonders "What happened after the War?" Let's talk about one particular thing : the Fire Nation Colonies.

Now now. We're in 100+ AG, you are either Fire Lord Zuko or Avatar Aang, and you have one serious problem with the colonies, since you don't know what to do about them : do you put all the colonials in a ship to the Fire Nation, or do you allow them to stay there ? Of course, you have a tendency to say "Let's bring them back to ze Fire Nation !. But have you considered all the problems ?

Why you should disband the colonies :

  • It is historically Earth Kingdom territory ; the Earth King and his subjects wouldn't appreciate to leave it in foreign hands.
  • Politically, if you leave it this way, it is an acknowledgement of the War and still a small victory for Ozai and fellows : those 100 years of War actually weren't pointless.
    • Economically, it unbalances everything, as the prosperous Fire Nation have plenty of additional ressources to continue its economic growth while the war-torn Earth Kingdom is crippled, cut of plenty of ressouces (ore, timber …) which it would rather need.

Why you shouldn't disband the colonies :

  • The colonials. It's unfair for them. It's their home. They were born here, as were probably their fathers and grandfathers. No subject of the Earth Kingdom have been in some of those territories for a hundred years.
    • All of the problems to bring back probably hundreds of colonials and to find them a home in the Fire Nation. You cut off woods to have some space, you have plenty of homeless and jobless people, and of course you a financial crisis, as the Fire Nation just lost what probably was an important part of its economy.
    • It would as a whole make everyone in the Fire Nation disliking Fire Lord Zuko, the Avatar and the Earth Kingdom. You could have rebellions. They could assassinate Zuko. And you don't want another century of war, do you ?

It will probably never be mentionned in TLALOK or the comics ; but what would you do ?

On the other side, it raises some very interesting questions that could be explained with the few elements we have from LOK (Republic City built for homeless former colonials ?)


What would you do, if you were the leader of the Fire Nation or the guardian of Balance in the world ?

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