Hello, the Avatar community. Let me introduce myself : I am French Froglegs, a rather irregular contributor, who utters nonsense and is known for bad-to-average writing, with a fear of the blank page (I swear, DC, I'm working on my chapter right now), and for his useless blogs that no one notices, which deals with abstract matters in the Avatar world. This is such a blog.

Now perhaps this very topic has been done before, I don't know. I will not divulge the subject of this blog to force you to read it whole, you minx. >:D. That, or you can scroll down and check out the underlined, bold question.

Looking back at the entirety of Avatar : The Last Airbender and the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra, I have begun … to think. Amazing, huh ? My thoughts wandered to a few aspects of the series, which I feel will have an incredible importance in Korra : energy, bending, energybending, chakras, chi and chi-blocking.

First, what do we know of the link between energy (or chi) and bending in the world of Avatar ? Well, the latter obviously comes from the former. General Fong, as a way to unlock the Avatar State, made Aangie drink chi-enhancing tea. When chi is blocked, as proved Ty Lee, it is impossible to bend. Finally, quoting our very own wiki : "There is a deep connection between chi and bending: seeming as if modern-day bending, in and of itself, is merely the ability to manipulate one's chi to the point where one can interact with and affect the environment.[5]Due to chi, the four bending arts are truly one and the same."

The flow of chi is thus the only thing one needs to bend : that's why I assume that Katara, when healing, is actually bending chi inside her patient's body (a form of water-assisted energybending ?). That's why I assume it isn't only the paralysis of muscles that leaves benders unable to bend, thanks to Ty Lee : to me, having floppy arms is just a side effect of a too strong chi block, where all energy (nervous impulse and chi - we know that they are not the same as chi follows its own paths) is temporarily cut. Perhaps a swifter, more precise block could simply make a bender a temporar non-bender, but still able to walk and dance and poop butterflies.

We also know the energy within ourselves aggregate in pools, or nexus, called chakras. If said chakras get clogged, it can have a repercussion on one's bending : with a locked chakra, Aang was unable to enter the Avatar State. I always found interesting that there was a chakra for each element, especially when each elemental chakra is associated to one particular quality that I know applies well to the said element (example : Fire Chakra = seat of willpower, and the Air Chakra is fueled by love - don't dare deny that the Nomads weren't a loving folk. I won't talk of the Water Chakra hindered by guilt and fueled by …)

Now, we have Energybending. I don't think Aang just takes Ozai's bending away : how could he ? Ozai was born with his Firebending, and this stuff is called Energybending, not DNAbending. That's why it would be kinda impossible, I believe, to give (for example) Ozzie's Firebending to… Sokka. Or Momo. While the idea of a lightning-shooting flying lemur is appealing, I don't believe it possible.

So what does Aang do ? To me, he severs the chi paths, or make a knot with them, or whatever - the result is the same : no spiritual energy can come out of Ozai, and he cannot bend.

Still have your spiritual map of the body in hand ? You got the chi paths and the chakras superimposed. You might notice that when the Lion-Turtle energybends in Aang the knowledge of Energybending, he puts a claw on the heart chakra and a claw on the third eye chakra. Likewise, Aang does the same on the Loser Lord. We can assume those very two chakras are linked to the essence of bending. That, or those chakras are at the center of the chi network and the Energybender can control all of it from those two chakras.

So, here comes my crazy idea : if I had heard of Aang's energybending prowess, if I am a bitter non-bender and if I have studied the chi paths and chi blocking for years, can I shut down ALL bending manually with well-adjusted chi blocking hits ?

Just making suppositions and messing around. Amon, no one is looking at you.

Now a personal note, my fellow wikians :

Bad news : I'll be unable to come here and write Sozin's Blood for the next two years.

Those were the bad news.

The good news are that after that, I (and my best pal probably) will come to the USA study creative writing.

Happy ?

Keep your sticky extended tongues sharp !

French Froglegs - Talk Ozai-chao6 16:29, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

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