• French Froglegs

    Hello, the Avatar community. Let me introduce myself : I am French Froglegs, a rather irregular contributor, who utters nonsense and is known for bad-to-average writing, with a fear of the blank page (I swear, DC, I'm working on my chapter right now), and for his useless blogs that no one notices, which deals with abstract matters in the Avatar world. This is such a blog.

    Now perhaps this very topic has been done before, I don't know. I will not divulge the subject of this blog to force you to read it whole, you minx. >:D. That, or you can scroll down and check out the underlined, bold question.

    Looking back at the entirety of Avatar : The Last Airbender and the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra, I have begun … to think. Amazing, huh ? …

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  • French Froglegs

    Bye First

    July 1, 2011 by French Froglegs

    "I'm sorry, I'll miss you. I won't be on the wiki at all for a long time. It's complicated, you can tell everyone i'll miss them. As for AT 2, just tell everyone it's dead. In case you didn't figure out before it's me, 1st. I never thought I would leave, but life took a turn. It's not because of the wiki, I still love it and don't want to leave. It's not because of the show either, it's still my all-time favorite show and I love it. But would you mind spreading the word? I'll miss you frenchy. Tell 888 he can get rid of my rollback rights, tell Vulmen and all my other friends i'll miss them and never forget them. This was a great experience, I've had the greatest times here."

    That was the heart-breaking message I received yesterday.

    It's off…

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  • French Froglegs

    This blog will probably stir the attention of no one, but I think it is important as it raises a central problem to at least anyone who wonders "What happened after the War?" Let's talk about one particular thing : the Fire Nation Colonies.

    Now now. We're in 100+ AG, you are either Fire Lord Zuko or Avatar Aang, and you have one serious problem with the colonies, since you don't know what to do about them : do you put all the colonials in a ship to the Fire Nation, or do you allow them to stay there ? Of course, you have a tendency to say "Let's bring them back to ze Fire Nation !. But have you considered all the problems ?

    Why you should disband the colonies :

    • It is historically Earth Kingdom territory ; the Earth King and his subjects wouldn'…
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  • French Froglegs

    "The Fortuneteller" (Book 1/ep14) is an unusual episode : it doesn't make advance the central plot(= to get the Fire Lord's royal butt whooped), it doesn't add something to the lore (like, let's see, "The Avatar and the Fire Lord" or "The Firebending masters") and it doesn't even have much of bending (save maybe at the end). That kind of episode, my friends, is called a filler.

    However, may the spirits be blessed, this is a "Cave of Two Lovers"-type of filler, which means it DOES make advance one thing : the main sub-plot, a.k.a. the romantic tension between Aang and Katara. And it brings the Kataang relationship to new heights, while further exploring the mists of love.

    For a complete overview of the episode plot, go to the Wiki article : T…

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