Okay,so I know all of you Avatar fans saw the new episode of The Legend of Korra and also saw that Amon can engerybend! Now this is a BIG surpise to all of us,since the Avatar (Korra) is the only one know to engerybend. The writers really did put us on a spin this time,it was just Wow!

But we all know there has to be an good reason for this,like,(my personal reason),is that Amon learned this from a spirit,and the spirit was most likely thinking that Amon would use the skill for good,not evil by taking a bender's power away! My second reason is that Amon is a former Avatar. I know this is crazy,but it could just be apart of a really weird twist.

So enough with my thoughts,I want to here yours! Hit the comment section down below and tell me what you think! See ya later and keep practing your bending!

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