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    Okay,so I know all of you Avatar fans saw the new episode of The Legend of Korra and also saw that Amon can engerybend! Now this is a BIG surpise to all of us,since the Avatar (Korra) is the only one know to engerybend. The writers really did put us on a spin this time,it was just Wow!

    But we all know there has to be an good reason for this,like,(my personal reason),is that Amon learned this from a spirit,and the spirit was most likely thinking that Amon would use the skill for good,not evil by taking a bender's power away! My second reason is that Amon is a former Avatar. I know this is crazy,but it could just be apart of a really weird twist.

    So enough with my thoughts,I want to here yours! Hit the comment section down below and tell me wh…

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